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Recommend good semi slick tyres

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By ozgti - Posted on 26 January 2017

Hi there,

Haven't used my MTB for a while now. I am looking to put some new tyres on it just to ride around bike paths, parks, on grass maybe. Anyone recommend some good semi slick or slick tyres that would be suitable. Tyre size 26". Did see these.

Any good? Maybe this up front and a slick at the back.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Check out the Maxxis Minion SS

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Maxxis Crossmarks - pumped hard
Near complete center tread for low rolling resistance but knobs on side for cornering when on the trails, assuming you reduce air. Not recommended on front in pea gravel though, that's just asking for trouble.

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These are so much better than people think - grippy rubber sticks like crazy and smooth tread rolls the best. Also great tubeless.

I ran these fully off-road for a few years and highly recommend.

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Thanks for the suggestions so far. I normally use crossmarks on the back when on trails. Guess I could swap it to the front and get a slick for the back. What pressures should I use when riding on road, considering I weigh 60kg? Do many people use full slicks on MTB when riding on just cycle ways? How well do full slicks grip?

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I just use cross marks front and rear for road and swap the front for ignitor for trail.

If I'm feeling lazy pumping hard certainly makes it easier but given I'm riding on road for fitness/get to work then making it easier defeats the purpose.

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If you are totally on paved and street then I would recommend some Thickslicks. Used them for 12 months of commuting everyday and never let me down. Pump them up nice and firm to avoid pinch flats and they'll go off-roading on dry easy trails if you're just cruising.

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Full slicks grip amazing, even in wet weather they held firm. Only time they slipped was on a wet steel grated surface, steer clear of those, I even avoided them in dry conditions.

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