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Bike transport

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By brownie1324 - Posted on 01 February 2017

I'm looking at changing my car and one of the considerations is transporting the bike's.
I need to take 3 sometimes 4 bikes at times, but generally its only the one or 2.
I'm looking at maybe a twincab ute and getting a tailgate pad similar to It looks simple to use, no need to disassemble bike, or wrangle with bike racks not designed for odd shaped MTB frames.
Has any one used these and would recommend for it or against it?

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Cheap and easy, but not really secure. If you do shuttles they can shift around, and if you duck into the shop, expect to find your bike missing. If none of this is a concern and you don't transport your bikes that much, it's a good solution.

I use this:

A dual cab doesn't suit me. I transport bikes 2-3 times a week so I'm happy for it to live on my car, and I still have the option of folding the seats down and putting any bike in the back without taking a wheel off, especially good for long trips with 1 bike.

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I use one of these;

It can carry up to 4 bikes and has a loop to use a cable locking system. The simple padded tines make it easy to hold all sorts of different frames and its built very strong. I use it on a hatch back which blocks me from opening the rear door but I can reach through from the back seat easily enough that it doesn't bother me. Simply and quick enough to dismantle, so I keep in the back of the car all the time. Does come in a foldable version but I was worried about folding down a fully loaded rack.

I'd prefer one like MrMez but my budget didn't stretch that far.

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Use it on both my cars, have the 2+2 addon. simple on off for the bikes. not really an issue taking it on and off, and sometimes I leave it on my car also for weeks.

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