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Hidden Camera/Counters on Long Track

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By Pyrate - Posted on 13 February 2017

I went out for a quick bash along Perim and Long from the School on Saturday before it go too hot and noticed 2 camera/counter thingys have been installed - one on your left as you head out, just past Lookout Rock and before you make the rocky right hand turn before the pinch climb and there was one on your left of the track coming back some where closer to the start of the track - cant remember exactly where to be honest.

Has anyone else seen them and does anyone know what they are there for? I have seen NPWS use the same things on Serrata and Gahnia.

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... along the Nursery section of the Mona Vale Rd single track. There is a similar one in Blackburn Reserve (cnr Blackburn St and Cambourne Ave in St Ives), so they may be looking for more general usage (or wildlife?). There is a Sydney Uni contact number on both, but I didn't have a pen.....

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I didn't have a close look to be honest, but the boxes were plastic with a camouflage pattern on them – like the ones used for hunting and/or moonshiners!

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Sounds like wildlife cameras, however, when I've seen them about the place there's normally a notice close by explaining what they are, what they are being used for etc.

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Should we organise a groupie?

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