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FOX Servicing

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By Fatboy - Posted on 14 March 2017

These days local bike shops can replace seals on FOX shocks & forks but that's it. Anything else needs to be done by the importer Sola Sports.

A couple of weeks ago I was at my local bike shop, Velocipede at Parramatta, and told them my shock needed to go to Sola and asked what the quickest turnaround would be as I've heard nightmare stories of delays and every day my shock is away is a day I can't ride...

So it turns out the head technician from Sola (Gavin Wall) has just joined Velocipede so I had my shock and fork rebuilt and turned around within a day. In addition Gavin spent considerable time explaining the ins and outs of the product to me including how the non FOX seals I had on my suspension will heat the shaft too much causing wear etc.

Thought it was worth letting everyone know it would be worth the trip out west to get such service.

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That's not the only option, Simon who used to work with Gavin at Sola owns Mountain Bike Suspension centre in Stanmore. You can actually drop off and pick up you own suspension rather than going through your LBS.

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I'll second Simon at Stanmore.

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Sola sports also own the these shops:-

Cheeky Velosports, Randwick
Atelier de velo, Clarence St
Le Spit Cyclery, Mosman
The bike establishment, Dural

You could get your forks serviced through these easily and quickly

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I am not sure if you are aware Pete B but Simon and Gavin were the best guys at Sola for servicing. They have both now left. Personally I would never send my suspension back to the Australian importer for servicing(warranty is different).

Mountain Bike Suspension Centre or NS Dynamics do a much better job!! Both of them also have upgrades for factory shocks and forks that the factory hasn't even thought about yet!

I was at the Nationals at Thredbo a month ago when a mates Boxxers shit the bed. Turns out the part in them brakes regularly. If you sent it back to the factory/importer they just put the same part back in. NS Dynamics who were actually at the race rebuilt the forks with a new CNCd part that they actually had made themselves to make the forks more reliable!

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