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Track Listing

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Name Type Difficulty Vertical Climb/Drop Distance Map
Blues Track Firetrail Blue 430m
9296m Blues Track
Devines Hill Firetrail 171m
1755m Devines Hill
Dubbo Gully Road Firetrail 184m
8107m Dubbo Gully Road
Finch's Line Mixed Green 63m
5061m Finch's Line
GNR - North Double Track 799m
30.07Km GNR - North
GNR - The Rough Stuff Double Track 264m
9930m GNR - The Rough Stuff
Shepherds Gully Double Track 0m
2239m Shepherds Gully
Simpsons Track Firetrail 0m
6875m Simpsons Track
Spiders Single Track - Enclosed 0m
6399m Spiders
To Dubbo Gully Firetrail 127m
5563m To Dubbo Gully
To Mogo Creek (West) Firetrail 174m
8627m To Mogo Creek (West)
Western Commission Track Firetrail 0m
11.62Km Western Commission Track
Wrights Creek Firetrail Blue 653m
20.38Km Wrights Creek

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