Urban Polaris 2017

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By DOUGDJ - Posted on 10 April 2017

looking for a rider to do Urban Polaris event with at the end of April -http://urbanpolaris.com.au/

It's a low-key 7 hour bike orienteering event in and around Canberra with teams of two where you choose checkpoints from a list issued on the day. Can do between 100- 200 km on the day depending on choices & number of arguments/lost time Eye-wink My normal riding is commute/st ives trails and once a year Full Fling that I do in 7-8 hours depending on weather and number of weetbix.

I'm thinking of using cyclocross bike to mix dirt and road riding. Pick up food and water along the way. Early start so I'll stay in Canberra night before.

Leave reply if interested. Doug

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