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Wakehurst Parkway Tunnel

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By Brenos - Posted on 22 April 2017

Hey guys,
This is prob already been spoken about, but does the new tunnel they want to put on the parkway at seaforth affect the Dam or does it just miss it?


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Wakehurst Parkway will be widened to 4 lanes. Possum trail will be gone. Likely that the straight bit on Manly Dam past the trig post will need to be moved to the east.

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Much of the Dam trail on that side is actually on Wakehurst Parkway road reserve.

We need to be alert and engaged. The Council has been quite neglectful of the trail, as evidenced by its current parlous condition. The head ranger's attitude to MTBers seems to have reverted to much the same as it was before we kicked up a stink about the attempted trail closure a few years ago, which is not good, so it is possible they may not represent our interests very well.

I do find this ironic, though. There was a short link trail from the pipeline easement trail down to the bus stop that was shut by council on so-called "endangered flora" grounds, all of which will be wiped away by a single pass of the bulldozer.

The real reason I suspect was to discourage access to the illegal trail cut into the park by trail runners that we got blamed for.

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And down here in Canberra we continue to build more bike paths and single track, people still complain though that not enough is being done.

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A plan to turn Wakehurst Parkway into 4 lanes south of Warringah Rd?? Nothing I can see about such a proposal.

The current layout/works clearly stop at the pedestrian overbridge at the finish of KC. KC and Possum should not be affected... in the short to medium term anyway.

If anyone has contrary info then please post.

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I didn't believe it either, xmas. Then, it was all over The Manly it must be true.

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with your tongue firmly in your cheek Dino.

Here is a recent RMS update.

The map shows the works just as I understand them - extending only as far as the pedestrian bridge.

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It's connected with the tunnel project connecting seaforth to willoughby.

RMS has been quietly buying houses at the southern end Wakehurst Parkway for awhile now.

It was reported in the Herald around the time of the by-election.

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Pants commented at 2nd post about the loss of Possum. That won't occur with the Hospital works.

But 4 lanes for WP is envisaged for Tunnel works.

I would think that Possum and KC would go Sad ... but not for a while.

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I ride here regularly and was wondering about that myself.
Sorry, what trail is KC ?

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KC == Kevin Costner

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