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Kiddie Friendly Tracks Around Orange

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By Pyrate - Posted on 27 June 2017

G'day All

Heading up to Orange with the family these school hols and was after some local advice on what tracks might be kiddie friendly (5-8yrs).

I am guessing there might be some more suitable options at Lake Canobolas rather than Kinross, but would welcome any pointers.

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Lake Canobolas XC track is i'd say very suitable for little ones going off the one race I did there last year, easy to navigate and if it's all too much they can ride around the lake across the road.

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Thanks Stephen – much appreciated

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Did the young'n like it? I've taken my 3 yo around the 2km loop on her balance bike a few times. It's flat enough on that loop that it works well for kids.

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