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Emergency Trail Riding Pack

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By teknovation - Posted on 28 June 2017

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hey. I was just wondering what you would recommend to have with you at all times while trail riding?
I currently only have puncture repair kit with a few levers & pump which are on my bike at all times. I also have a 2watt CB radio which could come in handy in limited reception areas in case of emergency. As well as a medium size first aid kit (which unfortunately, I usually forget to bring as it's usually in my work bag).

What else should I be bringing with me?
Keep in mind I would be riding straight to trails from my house or transport via train and such.

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Multi tool
Chain tool and spare link
Cable ties
Tape (insulation or Duct)
spare tube

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tube, CO2 canister, tyre levers, multitool incl chain breaker,spare chain link, spare derailleur hanger, small rag, reading glasses (so I can see what I'm doing if anything does go wrong), toilet paper (rarely needed, but very useful when it is!). All that fits in a small bag under the saddle. In my jersey I usually have some food, phone, and a house key, card with ID and next of kin details and $20 in a waterproof bag. Water bottle on the bike.

If I'm going further afield or am unsure about water re-supply, I take a Camelbak with up to 3L of water and usually have another tube, pump, a small first aid kit and some zip ties.

And a Garmin Edge.

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Very well prepared I see.. I like it Smiling
I'm limited with what I can bring.. I ride in just normal clothes (need to get myself some MTB clothing). Phone & lighter in right pocket. Wallet in left pocket. GoPro in mini saddle bag while en-route to trail (with a few spare valve caps). Puncture kit and keys in 2L (Usually only put a litre in) Camelbak (Well Carribee, but you know what I mean lol).
Need to get a bigger hydration bag so I can be ready for anything, especially considering it wouldn't be fun getting to end of a trail then something going wrong and having to walk it all the way back.

Could probably fit my small Leatherman into saddle bag or Carribee.

Thanks heaps for the suggestions so far Smiling

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