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Manly Dam update for 02 Jul

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By hawkeye - Posted on 02 July 2017

Manly Dam
Amber/Some Issues

Golf course singletrack is mostly dry but Allambie side is wet and the trail going into and also down from 19th Hole is wet and getting chopped up in places.

Good to see some.trail maintenance being done on the run down to the Nyrang Ave car park. Not sure how long it will last though - trail needs a reroute to be sustainable. Its currently a fall line trail.

Be on the alert for unleashed dogs near the Nyrang Ave carpark - I had a high speed head on collision with a juvenile red kelpie cross racing the wrong way up the track and the owner didn't seem to care. Managed to get enough brakes on to keep it upright when we hit but it still almost took the bars out of my hands.

I'm afraid I got a little potty-mouthed. Sad

Had fun though. Good workout. I need to ride here more often.

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