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Decline in Races - What you said?

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By richardgraysydney - Posted on 12 July 2017

I'd like to thank all the commentators on the question I asked and I think the outcomes were pretty clear, which I've trapped here. It looks like the end maybe nigh for the fling (see below):
1. Too Expensive (or not enough value)
2. Too many alternative races and places to ride
3. Not enough promotion particularly to younger age groups
4. Not family orientated enough
5. Making a state based series might get some interest back.

So the primary suggestions to the rider are:
1. Dont sweat and go to club races
2. Plan to ride away with friends
2. Get your competition out of Strava.
4. Go to the Kow - it may be the last of its kind:

To the Promoters
1. Promotion by a wider source of Social Networking to replace traditional magazine. (Who follows "Flow" on Youtube?
2. Volunteer motivated races might be more the future rather than profit driven but better value is essential
(It was interesting to me that despite less than brilliant weather the "Willo" at Wingello was very strong this year. The willo is run by volunteers looking to bring on a new generation to the sport.)
3. Strava linkage might get some interest

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Wild Horizons
8 hrs ·
Community Meeting re Fling/Bundy Run announcement.....

For anyone in the Highlands region we will be holding a brief meeting at 6.30pm Thursday 13 July in the Supper Room of the Bundanoon Memorial Hall.

The purpose of the meeting is to make an announcement in relation to the 2017 Highland Fling and Bundy Run events and to answer any questions arising.

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Regeneration - Need to get new riders to events.

The events I've attended is a bit expert oriented, everyone is on the latest bling bikes and dolled up with the latest gear and totally in to it and the whole scene is most probably quite confrontational for anyone who is new to it and don't ride a 2017 2x11 geared (1x11 is soooo 2016) carbon fibre bike with a strange wheel size and has a funny fork that looks like it's up side down. And don't forget the special computer thingie on the handlebars calling out lap times.

Attracting newbies ought to be priority one. Get them comfortable attending events on affordable gear as they will be the ones who attend events in the coming years.

Maybe events for newbies only or a special start group or something else that allows anyone inexperienced to participate comfortably and give recognition to them as well as to the fastest experts on the podium. 10 years ago we were all newbies and this was not an issue. Since then the ones who still attending events are in that expert category and I see very few if any newbies having a go.

Anyhow, that's my 2c worth.

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Very true what U said Staffe a lot of people are sick of forking out heaps of money to look good at the events with the latest bling , it should be more for beginners and people keen to get into the sport and maybe try to get on the podium .

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I couldn't agree more about the need to prioritise the focus on attracting new riders to these events.

There should be a greater emphasis on participation rather than competition.

Why not introduce untimed events , with no podiums, and just allow everyone to compete via Strava?

Or alternatively, within existing race formats, have an untimed category?

Or you could go with something along the lines of a one-day multistage event with separately timed sections which would allow for, amongst other things, a lunch stop in the middle that families could rendezvous with riders, have a sausage sizzle, and then complete the rest of the race.

The Fling would be an obvious one for such an approach as it already has stages and an obvious halfway point for the 50 km at least.

You could also introduce parent/child ocategories as well. Why not have a novice category?

Essentially, there needs to be a complete re-focus away the podium and onto the back of the pack and a step away from a pure race asthetic and into more of a riding festival.

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