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Thought possums were protected in Australia

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By Medigger - Posted on 24 August 2017

I saw a hi-viz crew measuring up on the west side of Wakehurst parkway near the entrance to the Possum. I'm hoping they aren't planning to widen the road as per the works closer to Warringah road.

I fear the Possum is on borrowed time. Sad

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Yes i understand that whole section of WP is going to be widened. Not sure where it starts and finishes, but I assume between Warringah Road and Seaforth Oval.

I would expect Possum his definitely a threatened species !

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Yep the same people who banned riding around there to stop 'damage to the area' are now driving bulldozers into the same bush.

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That was on the eastern side of Wakehurst Parkway when that little trail went from the pipeline easement to the bus stop. Some claimed "endangered ecological community" or whatnot, in what was RMS road reserve.

That was BS, I think the real reason was some tool trail runner cut an additional trail, from behind the bus stop into the Dam walking trail network and they wanted to discourage access. That trail was a dog's breakfast. Routing was appalling and unsustainable.

What pissed me off was that we (riders) got blamed for it. Now all likely to be flattened by a grader.

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Yep bloody trail runners...

There was a post about this a few weeks back.

WP is currently being widened from the pedestrian bridge north.

As part of the WHTBL tunnel, WP will be widened from Seaforth Oval to the pedestrian bridge (likely new bridge). 2 lanes each way. It will depend whether they decide to make the two extra lanes on the eastern side (destroy trig part of Manly Dam) or western side (destroy Possums).

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Rode Possum yesterday and there was a crew of surveyors in there. Surveying the section just above the double wooden bridge over the creek.

Hopefully it’s for the tunnel and there’s a few years yet before the bulldozers arrive

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