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10 tonnes of rock!

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By spindog - Posted on 13 September 2017

That's how much material was used last month to remediate a badly eroded section of the Manly Dam trail (8 tonnes of crushed sandstone and another 2 tonnes of flagging).
A small group of volunteers joined Trailcare for the first volunteer maintenance day at Manly Dam in more than 2yrs
The 3rd Saturday of each month is the new recurring date for volunteer maintenance at the Dam
Northern Beaches council and the rangers at the dam are supporting our sport by supplying material and hand tools for each of these days
So next Saturday is the 3rd Saturday in the month and we will be out working to improve the trail
IF your are keen to give a little back to the sport we all enjoy then just get in touch and we can help fill in the blanks
happy trails Eye-wink

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So much nicer through there now. Job well done.

Work commitments will prevent me making it to the next one too sorry spindog.

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we were planning something a little more radical but couldn't quite swing it with council. Eye-wink
seriously though, we're still waiting for the acid test next time we get some serious rainfall to make sure it holds up ok
we have some potential modification in mind if needed.
in the meantime its on to the next problem area..

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8am on Wakehurst Parkway at the entrance to the Curl Curl Ck Fire Trail.
bring a hat, gloves, sunscreen, some water, and a friend.

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rode past you guys doing some work last month, without knowing the work was happening until I checked here.
Unfortunately I am now working on saturdays until march. It is really great to hear/see some work being done to the poor dam, is there a beer fund that i can donate so you can at least have a cold beer while working?

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I like your thinking, we don't have one at the moment. Maybe we should!

The next best is to buy a Trail Care water bottle at your local bike shop. For $20 bucks you get a great quality (BPA free) water bottle in your favourite colour (huge selection of colours) and a 1yr membership to Trail Care. Thanks to a great sponsor the entire $20 goes to Trail Care to help build our fighting fund for more lobbying.

Trail Care has been actively lobbying for increased access to trails with NPWS and local government agencies and has chalked up quite a few wins (though not nearly as many as we would have liked) in educating land managers and establishing mtb strategy for sustainable development of trails

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here's a link to the mtb strategy doc that TrailCare developed in conjunction with NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH is the peak body for NPWS and many other gov agencies)

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