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Technical Training Day, Red Hill (Session II)

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By pikey - Posted on 13 June 2006

Sun 18th June 2006 8:30am (Carpark) Lady Penrhyn Drive, Beacon Hill.

Subject: Slow and easy!

Could anybody with a digital video camera please bring it along as we need to improve the quality of our collective teaching and action shots.


Greg (Pikey)
0431 703 266

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I would love to come, but there is supposed to be a hot rod meet at Bobbin Head on that day. So i'll go to that, and see if I can arrive to this late, if I do i'll bring my camera. Sounds like a good idea +1 for organising. Kind of a useless comment, but oh well Sticking out tongue

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Thank you!
I will be there - the car park up the top yes? What car will I look for as I will ride up there, I live in Oxford Falls.

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Yes, the carpark at the top, look for a burgundy Landcruiser and a shivering bearded man!

Jeff, if your coming could you please bring your shock pump.


Greg (pikey)

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Greg, a technical Red Hill day sounds like fun again. I can bring the digi cam hehe....
I also have a shock pump that I can bring if Jeff cant make it.

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sound's like good fun, I'll be there!!
I can bring a small digi cam to take some pic's, just like the one Stuart posted already.....
I like his movie,well done Stu, but not the End of it....

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Would love to but nope, sorry, will be in Paris, France.

Hello from sunny London, dingy internet cafe.

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There could be some confusion.

The Training Ride is Sun 18th June 2006 8:30am (Carpark) Lady Penrhyn Drive, Beacon Hill.

and Justine, couldn't you use your fly-by points from all your bike bits purchases over the last 12 months to jet back here for the "special" rides? Have a great time anyway if you can't make it back.


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I intend to be there Greg but don't expect much, haven't ridden since our last foray to Red Hill. I have lubed my pivots though so I should have got rid of that squeak now.

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Thank you Greg, Jeff and Ben very much for having so much patience yesterday on the Red Hill Ride, I thoroughly enjoyed my training day and learnt tonnes.
I don’t know why but I had this vision that everyone except me got on their bikes and didn’t get off during rides!
I do think that perhaps coming off straight over the handlebars will teach me more about my balance distribution going down things... at least I landed in soft wet sand (face first much to the amusement of the boys!).
I had a great time and am still very keen albeit a bit slow...
I must confess that I have sore back and shoulder blade muscles today!


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thank you!
I think we all had a good time.
We should have training rides once a month or so!?!?

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Whilst a smaller turn out this session than last it was still a good day.

Bernd attempted a challenging rollover, at my favourite launch pad, and carried out the most spectacular over the handle bar hurdle landing perfectly on his feet whilst his poor bike, being left behind so carelessly had no choice other than to bounce and slide down the hill over all those horrible pointy rocks losing too much paint to mention here as there may be young people reading, Shame on you Bern. But thumbs up for trying.

Christine turned out to be a very willing student. Whilst apprehensive at first it wasn't until Jeff enforced our training dictum of "if in doubt go back and do it again three more bloody times" that Christine took on the challenge of attempting a roll up and over of a rock mound around two feet high, of which she surprised herself of what she could accomplish.

Bringing Christine back to earth literally was a valuable lesson in weight distribution when, with her new found confidence in roll overs, took on a relatively simple roll over but by not leaning back far enough bogged the font wheel in the wet sand then luckly/skillfully sent the bike off to the left leaving her to land hands out lying on the boggy wet sand with no other injuries other than dented pride from me laughing (once I found out she was OK, of course).For once I got to see somebody else go over the handle bars instead of others enjoying my spills.

Jeff added valuable tips and advise and his navigational skills around Red Hill are much appreciated, however he is still searching for his mojo but I'm sure its not far away Eye-wink

Thanks at attendees

Greg (Pikey)

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well reported...
do you think my well build bike could do the jump?
I would like to go back, after a few wheatbix, and put the "shame" behind....
what do u think, Greg?

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at least you didn't come off face first Bernd! I thought your crash was far more interesting!!
I am keen to see Greg and Jeff jump off that rock again...


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jump of that rock again....yes I'd like to see that,too, again,
but I would like to give it a go, too
I do some secret training first!!

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There’s a little tucked away soccer oval called Hews Pde near me in Belrose. This is where I practice as there is a grassed slope off to one side of the oval with rock ledges protruding out, all starting nice and flat then dropping of at heights of between 400mm and 1.5M. All the landings are soft sloping grass.

I would be happy to spend time there with anyone keen to build up his or her jumping confidence.

But it must be a Sunday as kids play soccer there Saturdays.

Greg (Pikey)

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should I bring a soccer ball, too and my German or Aussie Jersey????
Look forward to practice, maybe next weekend, can't ride this weekend.

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