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Manly Dam update for 17 Nov

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By Lach - Posted on 17 November 2017

Manly Dam

All fine and dry and little loose today. Not sure that will last with the rain forecast. There was a vegetation adjustment crew out on the fire trail section so expect a few more sticks and vegetative matter than usual along there.

Hadn't ridden the Dam for a few years. It's got a bit easier with the track work in some areas and harder with the wear and tear. Will take me a few more laps to get all the lines right.

Had a head on with another rider just before the track pops out beside Manning Rd. No real damage but a bit of a shock as we both came around a little tree into each other. Is riding anti-clockwise common?

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And shouldn't be ridden anti-clockwise.

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As per council website... Somewhere...

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