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By ProfessorTomahawk - Posted on 14 July 2008

16 Nov 08

So, only 2nd lap (& 2nd ride) since the broken wrist episode. Biggest thing for me is getting confidence back after the clipped-in-break-wrist stack.

This included 2 drink-stops (school & golf-course) - getting a camelbak should put me sub-40 easy!!
Made it up every hill *except* the step-up. Didn't let the fear get the better of me, and stayed on the bike for whole rest of lap.

Was going to do 2 laps but a flat right at the beginning put me well behind time...

P.S. Think people should specify whether they did hot laps on a hrd- or soft-tail...would be good to know...

Professor T

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...and was similar to what my first time around the Dam would have been. Do it quickly a few more times, without a rest, and you will easily be down towards 40 minutes.

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