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MT Buller or Thredbo

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By hairylittlehobbit - Posted on 15 July 2008

Hi All

Wanting to go on a MTB holiday weekend. tossing up between Mt buller and thredbo.

Has anyone been? which is better?

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very good question, i have done thredbo myself (dh) and can vouch its incredibly good fun, although sadly its only 1 track on the whole mountain open to riding, it is however nice and varied, some good tech, very fast and flowy in parts (unlike many other nsw dh's) some truly retard corner designs in part! and lacking in air time if thats your bag, although i hear raw nrg (the crew previously taking care of trails/bikes hire etc) has now changed and this year might be a bit different..all up the thing has chairlifts and its 10 mins to the bottom for average riders like me, so yes its worth it for sure!
as for buller, i want to go, i hear its really come along well, and has 2 different style trails to the bottom and is top fun and gives thredbo a good run for the money now..further than thredbo by quite a bit, thats about all i know personally..but yeh, thredbo is tops, best ride ive done in nsw personally (although if mt coramba had chairlifts it wouldnt be far behind!) and driving down you can hit some canberra stuff on the way too..

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I have also been to Thredbo, but not Mt Buller. Thredbo is a great place to ride for the day. I would also recommend that you hire one of the large DH bikes (like the Ironhorse Sunday when I was there) as these make the day much more enjoyable. For the day, you are looking at about $300 including full face, armour and pressure suit. There are other XC trails around the area, but I did not ride those. Sorry, but I couldn't comment on Mt Buller. I can highly recommend the day at Thredbo.

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