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Narrow Neck - Can you take bikes down Taro's ladder (Blue Mountains) or a trail nearby??

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By akk - Posted on 21 July 2008

Hey fellow riders,

A gang of us are trying to map out a ride from Katoomba to Mittagong, with a stop over in Yerranderie.

Does anyone know a way to connect Narrow Neck to the Old Cedar road, down in the Megalong Valley? I understand Taro's ladder is VERTICAL and not very bike friendly...

Love to hear if anyone has ridden from Katoomba to Mittagong ...without taking the 6 foot track.

ANY insight, random comments or thoughts ARE much appreciated,
cheers and happi riding

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I have heard of people lowering the bikes down with a rope (It would be very difficult/dangerous to try and climb down while holding the bike) but as far as I know the bottom is part of the Catchment zone and bikes are still a no go at the moment.

Most people ride in via Blackheath and it is possible to skirt the catchment zone by taking a longer route.

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- yes we are being very cautious about where we are / and are not/ allowed to ride.

Following on from this post......can anyone recommend trails between Blackheath and Yarrenderie in particular...seems to be quite a few options.


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There was a bit of talk on this a while ago on but I'm not sure how the archives are working at the moment.

Matt B posted this:

Well, you can get to Yerranderie along Scotts Main Range, and then head over towards Wombeyan past Bonnum Pic (avoiding the SCA zones), but it adds a lot of km. And riding up the winding dirt of Wombeyan Caves Rd. None of this is from personal experience tho, just looking at maps and chatting to people that have ridden chunks of it.

Alternatively, you can just go around the back of Kanangara, down to the Kowmung, past Tuglow, through Dingo Dell, Mt Werong, Limeburners and Goodmans Ford. And then again the Caves Rd. Done most of that, and want to try again.


Dave R:

I think this variant is legal and a bit longer. Goes further west to avoid catchment aresas (see, you should all have put in a submission!) All fire trail and a few hills. I've done parts of it, but never linked it all together - one day I'd like to.

Blackheath station down Megalong valley towards Packsaddlers,up the Six foot track to just past the pluviometer. Turn left down across Jenolan R near Hellgate canyon and up to Moorarra Boss and Kanangarra plateau. Go down Kowmung R FT cross the Kowmung and up past Tuglow caves, then thru Dingo Dell. Boucher ridge / FT and over towards the Colong Stock Route and then a variety of routes through to Wombeyan Caves and eventually to Mittagong. As others have said plenty of maps, but probably 1:100k would do as its all on fire trail.



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