You are hereHow silly are those red shoes?

How silly are those red shoes?

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By Rob - Posted on 31 July 2008

Not at all - they look cool!
8% (3 votes)
A bit - but he says they are comfy & that's what counts.
13% (5 votes)
Lots - but not as bad as Cupcake's shorts.
35% (14 votes)
Obscenly stupid - won't be seen with them!
38% (15 votes)
Eh - what are you talking about?!
8% (3 votes)
Total votes: 40
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did you put that poll up when you knew that the majority will be voting for obscenely stupid?

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Actually, I thought the majority would vote silly, but not as bad as Cupcake's shorts:

Andersons & The Oaks (6-4-08) Somethings just not right?

The main reason was that the old TdF poll was out of date.

ar_junkie's picture

The poll has backfired!

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As poncy as those shoes are, sorry Bruce. But your shorts are worse than those shoes. Sticking out tongue

Bruce's picture

Its all a matter of time Mr Ditty.
We have proof

Little-Ditty's picture

Damn that sneaky paparazzi bast*rd Buck! He is ruining my public persona. I should sue him for libel!

You will keep Bruce. Laughing out loud

Andy Bloot's picture

But just after Buck took this shot, wasn't Ditty looking through Bruce's road bike magazine.
And loving it?

Rob's picture

What's more, I've heard that Ditty has become a big fan of the TdF and never misses a stage.

Only 11 more months to go Liam! Eye-wink

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that second only too how nice something is to the cost?
Who cares what it looks was works and your going to trash it in the bush were hopefully no one is lurking with a camera! Eye-wink

Who wants to pay $200 for a Road Cycling Smiling

Little-Ditty's picture

This thread was not about me. Stick to the topic. Sticking out tongue

Beany's picture

Little Ditto don't let them bully you. Who cares if you wear lyrca, have a light weight XC machine, watch the TdF and read roadie books, you have the right to do that and I fully support you.

I'm about to progress from Narrabeen Lakes to the roads and I'm looking for a training companion, so PM me we can do North Head together, its fairly flat and secluded and the wildflowers are blooming early, you'll love it.

We need to pick a day that's not too windy. Last time I was there I was blown to and fro and silly me forgot to wear adequate protection - I was chilled to the bone.


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