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Sam Rear Roll

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By Rob - Posted on 02 August 2008

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Hmm where is this ? I've never seen this on the XC course when I last did Appin !
Have I missed a turn off ?


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It's here! Eye-wink When you see 'KML' links under all the pictures, etc. you can view these in Google Earth (or the same thing in maps - you just have to 'copy shortcut' and paste into the maps search box).

Why I wink - well - sometimes knowing the location doesn't help you. OK, so best description I can think of...

On the WWS circuit we came out of the sniggle about half way round the course and turned left onto firetrail. This firetrail looped round to the right and was the rough Appin firetrail that lead down to a creek crossing. This is the crossing that you climb after and head left into sniggle with a rather tricky technical climb about 20m in.

Anyhow - so if you understand where that bit of the firetrail is you're half way there. The track this bridge is on runs parallel to that, on it's Western side.

When you come out of the sniggle start of the description above turn right and then 10m or so later head into another sniggle on the left. You can't get lost once on this, it's quiet technical in places but of course that's all good. You'll eventually come out by the creek crossing (on the right, past the creek on the view image I linked to) so just cross the firetrail and head toward the other sniggle and techie climb.

Erm... clear as mud? Eye-wink

Load the KML from both those images above, and the WWS course from the Appin page and it'll help a lot. The creek crossing is almost centre of the course, just North of the dam.

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