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Steve 2

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By McPete - Posted on 16 August 2008

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anyone know where this is ? looks sick !

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or sending a message to the author , ie the one that put up the pics , just click on his name & send a message

Nath05's picture i just searched the title

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Yeah... as already noted, it's from a ride back in '08:

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I don't remember that bit , you better go with someone thay knows the area as there is no signage as far as I remember

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The area in the pic is above the jump park ,so if you are riding from Lucas Heights follow the trail to where you get to all the timber jump ramps and if you look up you should see a large flat rock area ,looking up the hill this section is off to your left .The other way in is from Buckle Reserve ,which is much closer but I've never come in this way but it is much closer .Enjoy ,as these berms are really good fun regards TonyC

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