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Yellowmundee Saturday 24th June

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By Stuart M - Posted on 21 June 2006

Given the amount of rain we have had over the last couple of weeks and the amount forecast to fall between now and the weekend, particularly along the coast, I was thinking of heading inland a little to ride at Yellowmunde this Saturday. It is located at the foot of the mountains, roughly half way between Penrith and Richmond but on the other side of the river. For directions go to Should be alot drier than anything we have on offer at the moment.

Please note this is a tentative ride only at the moment. WSMTB are holding an 8hr event there the following weekend and I have sent them an e-mail to check that the trails are open and not closed for maintenance in prep for the following weekend.

Thinking either 8.30 or 9 start.

Please post back if you are interested and I will confirm when and if I hear back from WSMTB

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Hmmmm... Yellowmundee looks like a tiny area. FWIW, I stumbled on this in MB just now:

Load it up in GE and zoom into the Yellowmundee section. Sure, there's lots of criss cross trails and such but the area itself looks very small. The above MB rider resorted to an uphill battle and lots of road work to get some distance.

At this stage, if there's no rain tempted to join Mitch at Cascades.

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Rob, surely you of all people would know that size isn't important Shocked
Everything on the Beechworth videos was shot in an area probably 1/3 to 1/2 the size of Yellowmundee, besides if its not enough just go again

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Ok, Ok - I spoke to a guy in the office who's been there and he says it might be worth a look... although they don't like you riding there when it's wet.

He said the loop is about 10Km, and I see at least 8Km in there on the MB trail I mention. Hmmmm... let us see what happens with the weather, perhaps I'll just pike through lack of sleep also Eye-wink

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Thats why I suggested there. Unlike all of our great coastal areas that have copped alot of rain over the last couple of weeks, that area of Sydney has had very little, maybe only a couple of mm a day at most, I'm sure you can check this on one of the many sites you have stumbled across in your browsing. Its also the weekend for the big woodford ride so I thought that some of the locals might be up there instead. Still haven't heard back from WSMTB yet though so it may be a mute discussion anyway.

Even if you don't come I'll take the camera and bike computer, measure out a standard lap and stop for lots of pics.

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Have just had feed back from WSMTB and the trails will be open for riding this weekend, so, depending on responses this ride will be on.

Please let me know if you want to join me as I will ride earlier if there are no takers.


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We rode the Sydney 12 hour on it last year and from memory it was about 12km and took about 45-50 min a lap going flat out. Good fun track with a bit of variety, not as technical as the ST around here though.

There seems to be a few variations possible with different bits of ST branching off here and there.

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I bow to Stuart's expert planning then - 9am though please Smiling

Where's the meet? Shall we, "Just follow the fireroad to the race venue." as the WSMTB site says?

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I might be able to make it. Will be out that way tonight so will pack the bike and plan for a sleepover.
Now about the weather....who will call it off and how will we know? I wont be on web so sms me please 0402896808 if off.
Weather is predicting showers late Friday and Early there might be some wet stuff falling from the sky. I can update from out that way early if helpful.

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9am start it is then.

Rob I know the map you linked through MB shows it as Hawksebury Rd but coming from either the M2 or the M4 side of the river it is Springwood Rd you are looking for.

Meeting point is a fair way along this road just before it starts the climb up the escarpment. There is a dirt carpark on the east side of the road. There is a gate, which is always locked, that leads to the event area. We obviously start outside the gate. If you hit a hairpin turn on the road you have gone too far. Drive all the way up the hill and chuck a u turn at the lookout, which by the way has the only toilet in the area.

I don't think the weather will be a problem, not much rain out that way at all.

A note to all though, please don't expect a 45min lap pace, I haven't ridden since Red Hill Training Day 1.

0412 174 282 if you need to call.

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Here you go, today's profile:

I have to thank Stuart, although it's a long drive, very much worth it. It was quiet scenic with interesting trails so look out for a few pics.

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