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Do you own a Garmin Edge device? Has it broken?

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By Rob - Posted on 18 August 2008

Nope - no problems here.
23% (9 votes)
Software problems - now fixed.
3% (1 vote)
Software problems - ongoing.
0% (0 votes)
Hardware dead, replaced once.
3% (1 vote)
Hardware dead, replaced twice.
0% (0 votes)
Hardware dead, replaced three times or more.
0% (0 votes)
Hardware dead, given up/not tried replacing.
5% (2 votes)
Have never owned one.
67% (26 votes)
Total votes: 39
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I dont have one.. so can't select any of those options...

But I'd still be interested in seeing the results?

Can that be done Rob?

"View results" button maybe?


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Ooops... sorry folk - had to add the 'Never owned option' - this invalidates the votes so sorry, just vote again Sad

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But only owned it for 2 weeks, so it's not a great test and yes this poll doesn't make me optimistic for its longevity.

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my first edge died after about 1.5yrs, used 4 to 5 times per week though so got a good workout. I got an edge 705 when they come out, working well so far.
Since then i ripped open the old edge and it now works again, will keep it as a spare as i dont think it is worht much in the cindition it is in now (lets just say it is no longer weather proof)

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My forerunner 301 had a software problem and would freeze for no obvious reason. It turned out that the memory was just full.

I clear the history monthly and have never had a problem since. Even after it hit hit the road at 40km/h when it came out of the mount on my road bike.

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and it's still going strong.

I'm very impressed with the functionality, and what a nice tidy unit my overhauled Edge 305 is. Being able to get all that data re heart rate, cadence, speed, time, grade, elevation, distance, mapping is great.

I'm thinking of epoxying or drilling in a little screw to the back of it so I can put a light tether on it, in case it breaks off the mount. I've heard the mounts can break easily.

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As Rob has pointed out grit can also get in around the buttons so I've thought a mobile phone case could be used to keep the grit out and safely attach it to the bike.

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