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Brakes: what's on your ride?

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By Alex - Posted on 28 August 2008

Hayes (Mag, hfx-9)
7% (5 votes)
Hayes (stoker,el-camino)
4% (3 votes)
Avid (code/other)
3% (2 votes)
Avid (juicy)
53% (40 votes)
5% (4 votes)
Funn (anyone got these yet?!)
0% (0 votes)
Shimano (lx, xt etx)
20% (15 votes)
Shimano (Saint)
1% (1 vote)
4% (3 votes)
4% (3 votes)
Total votes: 76
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I use Dura-ace levers with Ultegra calipers Cool

Michael B's picture

This should be a multi select poll, (not 100% on the correct term), for those with the N+1 bug.

ADRIAN B's picture

look at all these poor people on avid brakes lol hehehhehe jokes

lozza6's picture

what are Shimano etx's?

ar_junkie's picture

In brakes... Loz, where have you been? Even a roadie knows that!

Alternately, he could just have finger trouble and typed 'x' instead of 'c'...

Alex's picture

oh crap sorry yeh i meant etc haha..oh well you never know it may be the next thing Eye-wink

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so to the 4 running magura, what r they and what r your thoughts? the 2 code runners, are they really all they are cracked up to be? is modulation a problem, or are they the shizzle? and the "others" what r they and how do you like them? the couple hitting it with the new hayes, how r they too? do they make you want to pop over to the us and club hayes over the head with them like the mags did for me or are they a marked improvement? and as for the juicy's, im guessing most are pretty happy with them with such a high score! anyone had dramas? shimano too, i here they r the no.1 in reliability and parts replacement anyone care to elaborate on the actual functionality?
*this is more than anything for my own personal benefit in "carefully" selecting the set to replace my pieces of trash, but i hope it will serve useful to others too!

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pretty impressed with the saints on mine. Very progressive and good control. Like my juicy 5s on the old bike, ive got bigger rotors on this one though so as torque = force times distance, its comparing apples with oranges really.

Nick R's picture

- very light, great modulation and easy to service. I have the 180mm on the front and 160mm on the rear. They are more expensive than other brakes though. Dont bother getting the SL version - its not worth the extra cost, unless you are a serious weight weenie.

Bruce's picture

I also have Marta's on one of my bikes 180 front, 160 rear & have found them to be excellent for the above mentioned reasons. The only down side to them is the cost of replacement pads, usually double what you would pay for more common brands.
I wouldn't use these brakes on a big bike like yours though Alex, they are great for xc & all mountain but thats about their limit.

I also have juicy 5s on one of my bikes with 200mm rotors, they have huge stopping power & feel great when riding but I couldn't recommend them to anyone, I have had nothing but trouble with them leaking out of the reservoir cap despite several attempts at fixing them. This problem only gets worse if they are left in direct sunlight for more than 5 minutes. Oh & don't get me started on the brake pads continuously dragging on both sides of the disc, must have sticky pistons that wont return properly??? They just don't have the same quality about them that the Magura's have.

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No problems with the Magura Martas - for the last 9 months.

203 mm's at front, 185 at rear on the Enduro. No leakage or air bubbles even if you store your bike upside down.

There was a slight squeal on the rear which I fixed by changing to a set of aftermarket pads (semi-organic "Endurance" type, $ 30 for the set at JensonUSA.)

They look nice too.

Rgds Hans

There are two paths you can go by but in the long run........

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Juicy's seem to be hit and miss. By that I mean, I have Juicy 5s on my Scott and they have been great. I have had no problems with fluid leaks or pads rubbing on the disks. I have Hayes 9s on my Giant which aren't bad but do suffer greatly from brake fade. I think in general the Shimanos tend to be the better.


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Interesting... the Rush came with J7s. These have never been bled since new (well over a year old now), had several pad changes but aside from that good as gold (well - aside from a seized bolt - but probably user error).

They are now on the 575 and performing flawlessly. Seeing as I ride 1000s of kays per year and give them some abuse (oh yeah - lever blade has been changed on one side) you really can't complain.

Just lucky?

ADRIAN B's picture

guys i just fitted the new 09 shimano saint brakes to my intense uzzi fr bike, and f-me they are the most powerful brakes i have ever used by far, if you want to have a quick ride send me a pm. cheers

lorrie's picture

Absolutely bullet proof! (insert funny comment next)

Okay they are not the best brake out there in terms of power and weight. But I have been using them for about 4 years / ~ 8 sets of pads now without an oil change. Having said that I do need to change the oil on them soon.


Buck's picture

I also have a set of Juicy 7s on my bike. So far so good....touch wood. I bled them once at the start and since them they have been going well.

I also have Shimano LX brakes on my other brake. As with Lorrie, all has been working fine. Feels a little less powerful than the Juicy 7 though.

The crappest set of brakes I've had so far are the Hayes Sole. Rubbish

Damien's picture

I like the strokers which I have been running for almost a year now they work well have all the power and feel I need with 180mm up front and 160 out back they pull up the 29er wheels just fine. Pads are very expensive here but very reasonable from the US I can get 5 sets for the price of one set here how do they justify that.

Also tried Avid BB7's they were scary in comparison.

ADRIAN B's picture

are you sure you have the price of the hayes strocker pads right

hayes ryde pads are $34.00 per end

hayes trail pads are $46.00 per end

so you are saying you are getting pads for $6.80 for ryde pads and $9.20 for trail pads? these prices are in store aswell..

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Guess I fall into the lucky group as well - J7's and perfect so far.

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J7's on both bikes...

No real issue other than expected wear and tear i.e. replaced a piston over 2 years and brakes are 2nd hand. Moving to Ulitmates on the XC bike (160mm front; 140mm rear) but my MTB riding is predominately XC so not sure if this helps you in your quest...

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I've changed to Juicy's, after a few years of Hayes 'brakes'. I put 'brakes' in inverted commas, because it's a joke that what Hayes offers are called brakes. I've had HFX and el camino and the only hard part is deciding which one is worse. The lever feel is rubbish, they fade very quickly even with 8" rotors.
I installed Juicy Carbon's last week and their power, feel, adjustability, ease of setup and look are fantastic. A friend of mine has Juicy 7's and they are amazing on his bike as well.
Don't bother with exclusive (expensive) stuff like Magura's or Formula's, get the big brand reliability of Avid's
PS i hear the new Shimano XT is a good brake, although its ugly and totally non-ergonomic

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I was quoted Dirtworks RRP ($70.00) a set back in April and bought them at that time for $12.00 a set online if you sell them for $46.00 a set now thats great if I am ever in a pinch (unlikely as I always have a bunch in my kit now) I will get them from your store.

They are currently avalable from various online sources for as little as $5.99(US) to a maximum of $15.00(US) so yes the replacement stroker trail pads can be bought for as little $6.95(Aus) a set plus delivery $5.40(Aus) making for a grand total of $12.35(Aus) in my mail box within about 5 days way to easy.

ADRIAN B's picture

wow that is cheap. are they for genuine hayes pads or a cheap copy? if genuine thats damn cheap. cheers

Damien's picture

Theye are an aftermarket copy but the genuine ones are still only $15.00(US).

captaintumeke's picture

These things have a mind of there own. I'm going to strip them down to their valves, give em a good fight and see if they don't behave. Otherwise I'm going to Shimano (mineral oil and zero setup)

ADRIAN B's picture

hahaha give it to them lol, shimano is for sure a no hassel brake. the new 09 slx brakes are very good for the $$$. cheers

Stuart M's picture

suggest what is said about the Juicy 5's is no myth. They are a completely different brake to the 7.

I run 5's, 7's and Ultimates.

Both the 5 and the 7 have fantastic stopping power and feel but the 5's do give alot of grieve where as it is not often you hear people complain about the 7's. The problems with the 5's range from sticking pistons, leaking reserviors, that hideous squeal to dragging pads, naming just a few. When the bugs are ironed out they are a great "cheaper end" brake.

Correctly tuned, I am as happy with the performance of them as I am with the 7's but it is hard to do a direct comparison as I run different size rotors for both.

The ultimates on the other hand probably shouldn't be called ultimate. Yes they stop you, yes they have a nice feel, yes they are lighter than the 7's but to be honest they aren't worth the extra $'s over the 7's (that's my .02c worth atleast) but they do look good.

FWIW if I was buying again I would probably get another set of 7's but would be wary of the 5's

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I run Juicy 5's on my trail bike (8" front rotor, 6" rear) and Shimano Saint levers with XT calipers on my street bike (6" f&r).

I was a little wary of the 5's (they came off a parts-doner bike - STPzero) but i've actually been pleasantly surprised with how they feel and work, and i've not had a single hastle with them...i have felt other Juicy's (even 7's) that felt terrible, but mine are just right for me. I'm yet to bleed them and i've heard Juicy's are a pain in that respect, but all in all i'm happy to keep them on the trail bike.

Building, bleeding & setting up my Saints/XT's on my street bike were dead easy, and have performed flawlessly since i first installed them. Feel great and have more than enough controlable power for my needs.

I've also had Hayes HFX9's in the past hated them. They were powerful but i found they had zero modulation to the point where, coupled with an 8" rotor on a street/dj bike at least, were bordering on dangerous. Every HFX9 i've ever felt were the same too. The new Hayes Stroker's may be a different story altogether mind you.

In the end, i like the feel of my particular set of Juicy 5's (they can squeek a little at times, mostly due to the older design rotor i believe) but would pick Shimano for my next brake as they are so painless to setup and maintain, and provide almost as good performance as any other brake on the market.

Having not used Hope, Magura or Formula i can't comment, though all are well loved by most.
my Intense 5.5 ~ my NS Suburban

ADRIAN B's picture
Alex's picture

hmm thanks all for your comments, i think its a toss up between juicy 7s due to the shear stability of them, new elixer cr's i would love to hear if anyone has any of these yet, and saints, but the hub change plus the brake set makes this a way to $$ upgrade for me..did you put yours on a 6 bolt rotor adrian or did you convert to use the centre lock? i hear they are really just designed for centre lock can u confirm?
avid codes concern is the pad issue that many seem to mention, Dez whats your experience with these (apart from the fact that its a wonder the shear force hasnt shredded your cannonbail in half Eye-wink (do you like that, cannonbail? i just made that up haha)
juicy carbons are going pretty damn cheap on cambria a the moment with 203mm rotors anyone know if this is still a good choice for a dh/allmountain rig? or under powerred?
ahhh brakes dilemna!!!!! all i know is hayes have earned my permanent contempt and will throw mine in the garbage when replaced!

Little-Ditty's picture

203mm or 8" is more than enough brakes on a basic DH/all-mountain rig.

Little-Ditty's picture

I think the new Saint gears and brake combo will be the next parts on my bike. Those '09 components look sweet when added to that kind of rig. Plus I have read only positive feedback and reviews so far.

Alex's picture

yeh you can stick a 6 bolt rotor on one i guess doing it bit by bit might be the way can alway upgrade to centre lock and hub and gear, i hear you liam, i dream of a full saint everything, so far just the cranks alas! but those 4 piston brakes seem to be getting such rave reviews the 08's have already dropped away in price like you wouldnt believe..
anyone know the deal with buying u.s. brakes? do you have to find ambidextrous brakes only or do you need to get rear for front and put a new hose on etc, or are they different calipers too? silly yankee duudles and their back to front brakes!

ADRIAN B's picture

you can use any shimano brake on almost any rotor ie 6-bolt or center lock, cause most of the new shimano brakes dont come with rotors cause there are so many options now. i have never felt a brake like the new saint by the way, if you would like a price on thses pm me for a deal, hope i dont get in trouble for saying that................

nh's picture

I got a pair of juicy 5s after a mate got the shits with them being stuck on and switched to shimanos.

The guys at BA told me how to fix them. I had to pry the pistons apart (they were touching), insert the pads and then push them apart some more and insert some thing to hold them. Then you just open the bleed valve and let out the excess fluid.

That was 6 months ago and the brakes have been great ever since. Juicy are a huge improvement over Hayes Soles but I expect all of the brakes discussed above are.

Also, I tried the Shimanos on my mate's bike, they are more powerful but didn't have same to have the same feel.

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No comments on the Hopes? Shame, I'll do a quick review then.

I suppose they are more popular over in the UK where I got mine. I have a set of M4 four pots 160mm rear and 203mm floating wavey disk on the front, luvley. In the recent race at Mogo these brakes actually made me laugh out loud going hard into corners. They are SO powerful and controllable only ever using one finger. I've had them for over 7 years now and have rebuilt each calliper once. To my biased pommy eyes they are a work of art, shame you can't get them in aluminium two piece callipers any more, the one piece seeming the way to go these days.

I would love to see a poll on clip-less pedals, I know there are lots of threads on them but it would cool to know the most popular.

Rob's picture

Yeah - Hope stuff is very nice. The bike Whisperer swears by 'em. Just a bit $$$, but as you say, if they last forever then maybe worth it?

You mean you don't know how to make a poll? Eye-wink

LadyToast's picture

actually I don't know how to post a poll... I feel daft now.

Rob's picture

Ahhh... well as a Poll is a little used thingo it's hidden unless you've said you want to be a content author. Here, join this group and all sorts of wonders appear[1]:

[1] Clearly this is a lie... but you will be able to create a poll. Eye-wink

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