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Sat 1 July - Arvo?

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By Rob - Posted on 28 June 2006

Hi, anyone up for something on Saturday arvo?

I see some guys have taken to riding in the afternoon, and to be honest this looks like a good plan this week - I need to catch up on my beauty sleep Eye-wink

Don't care where, but if Cascades is the target wouldn't mind going and looking for the DH track discussed here:

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We are thinking of riding those tracks Sunday afternoon around 3pm. Happy to show you where the St Ives stuff is then.

0418 797142

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Didn't know if you were planning to add Bare Creek in but they have closed it for grading until the 4th July...

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they are upgrading but access to it is normal


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Thx for the heads up Tien - Would like to say I'll be giving Goatman a call later, but am feeeeeling veeeeery sleeeeeepy Eye-wink

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