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You know you are a cyclist, when...

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By Hans - Posted on 15 September 2008

You pull up on the steering wheel of your car to go over a speed bump.
11% (5 votes)
You see a fit, tanned, lycra-clad young woman ride by, and the first thing you check out is her bike...
19% (9 votes)
You find yourself rapidly switching across four lanes of traffic to check out bikes on the back of a car...
9% (4 votes)
You spend your time at work on the internet watching the weather ...
0% (0 votes)
You mourn for your old junker bike when you get a new one.
0% (0 votes)
You're driving you scope out the rock formations on the side of the road and think " I could ride that..."
32% (15 votes)
You don't buy bicycles any more - just frames...and are able to build them up from your "spare parts box"
11% (5 votes)
You wave to cars with bikes on the roof, even when you don't have your own bike on your car.
0% (0 votes)
You plan your holidays around riding.
2% (1 vote)
You have random bike parts lying around your bedroom.
4% (2 votes)
Your neighbours refer to you and your partner as "The Bike People"...
0% (0 votes)
You'd rather read Mountain Bike mags instead of Playboy Magazine.
4% (2 votes)
You are looking for the best riding line when hiking ...and you hold an imaginary handlebar in front of you...
6% (3 votes)
Your nice, pressed, khaki dress pants for work have a greasy chainring imprinted on them... and they're your favorite pair.
2% (1 vote)
Total votes: 47
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"All of the above" option?

Rob's picture

Hans wanted multiple choice but the poll module doesn't support that at the mo. Sticking out tongue

ar_junkie's picture

Just create different combinations as options... then it would be a 'real' poll... Evil

Alysum's picture

made me laugh Eye-wink perhaps I should unlock the steering adjustable height Laughing out loud


Damien's picture

All of the above.

kurt's picture

id tick them all

LadyToast's picture

I'm another all of the above. That's good right? Eye-wink

Damien's picture

There is way more to add to this but I don’t want to incriminate myself.

pikey's picture

.....would rather read a mountain bike mag than a Playboy Sticking out tongue

Salad is what food eats Smiling

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that you look at the bikes rather than the BOYS riding them option? Sadly that has happened to me, much to the horror of my non-riding girlfriends who look at the blokes...I just comment on the bikes...true true true!
too many options that fit to pick just one - Rob we need multiple choice for that one!!!

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OK've asked for this gender-neutral approach before...(after we posted a male-centric joke on Eye-wink

This ones for you... Eye-wink

Top Reasons to date a female cyclist


1. We go as fast or slow as you need to.

2. If need be, we've got 15 different types of lube at home!

3. We're bike tourers, not sprinters.

4. We do quite well in the drops, thanks!

5. It's not necessarily the frequency of the rides, but each ride's quality.

6. We know it's not about the size of your tubes.

7. You call 'em pigtails, we call 'em handlebars.

8. We can wear white and red bike shorts without "advertising"

9. Plateaus aren't just flat-topped hills to us!

10. Our steel is real!

11. We don't try to one-up our buddies on ride totals

12. We can hit the top tube mountain biking without dramatically altering our sex lives

13. Jersey cleavage.

14. Accessories are half the fun!

15. Pumps are bicycle-only accessories for us.

16. We take special care to avoid carpal tunnel.

17. The "How do I look in these jeans?" question is obsolete.

18. If we haven't come that way before, it might not just be the cobblestones!

C'mon....add your own > > > Eye-wink

Rgds, Hans

Happiness is a warm shock.

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nice bike...

lorrie's picture

sure that I saw a lady in a fixed SS (well at last there was no back rim or back disc brake) when i was riding home last night)..,. Smiling

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