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Rides in Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest area ???

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By Chitts - Posted on 08 October 2008

I am going up to Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest for a long weekend and wanthed to find out if anyone knows of any trails in the area?

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Just search for your locations and pick the MTB / cycling ones from there

e.g. Myall Lakes area

Seal Rocks:

Whoot Woota (great ride to a fantastic lookout), can be found via (a great growing site with some Aussie tracks)

There are also some great (hilly) rides through some of the ranges behind Smith lake, Pacific Palms and Forster/Tuncurry - all within 1 hr driving from Tea Gardens/ Hawks Nest

(BTW - This is John Howard's favourite holiday place - you might bump into him) Eye-wink


Rgds, Hans
May all your lines be the right ones...

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Try Yakaba headland at the Port Stephens end of Ocean beach its a 130m climb up and then a 130m descent down, i saw a couple of riders on it last Christmas.

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.... will check the rides out !

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That Myall Lakes profile is one of mine I think - there's some hilly, quite rough firetrail around there. I didn't get very far due to heavy rain.

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That looks really cool. The LBS at Forster said there was no real trail riding near Forster, that the closest "good" stuff was someplace between Purfleet and Tinonee. I'm up at Forster at least once a month visiting my elderly dad so your info would be good to check out.

Late last summer I saw some mtbers at the northern end of Pacific Palms by the lakeside (Wallis Lake?), but didn't get to stop and ask where they'd been riding.

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That second MB says, "mainley sealed roads". Sad

There is a route running South from Seal rocks to Hawks Nest. For about half the distance there's twin fire trails then normal road for the rest. The road is nice enough as it runs along behind the dunes and you can stop pretty much anywhere and climb over to the beach.

I've driven this in the South/North direction and from memory the fire trail part we took was rough as guts and don't think riding would be particularly nice. Although this was back in 2004, things may have changed since then. Of course you could ride up one trail and down the other which might be worth a look.

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I rode this fire trail last's just like riding a main road through state forests or national parks pretty boring really, but it was better than not riding at all.

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