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Jump track at Seaforth

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By Tim28 - Posted on 07 July 2006

Hey guys, well this is my first post so I hope that I have done it right. I just wanted to tell some people about a huge jump park made up at Seforth. Me and my brother were riding there just this arvo.

The track is near Seaforth Public school in one of the side tracks. It is not that hard to spot the tracks however you have to follow them for a bit to be able to see the actuall course. (DO NOT DO THIS AT SPEED)Some these jumps are about 7-9 foot!! its hard to tell on the rough course.

Now you may ask why am I posting a topic on Dirt jumping on a Mountain Bike site? well the reason is that there are many smaller kickers which are more skill jumps which let you get a better feel for your bike and help with balance and coordination in those tight spots. That was the main reason that I thought that i would post this. It can be an assett when you are just about to drop down a 4-5 footer and you know that you are going to stay on your bike even if you do clip that root over there.

Dont get me wrong however these jumps are huge and you will need speed and mental determination to committ to some of the bigger ones. Even if you are just riding by not intending to do anything it is worth a look for the shear size and to see the guys who do them.


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the first time you set out to get there it is a bit hard to find . it is a weird little dirt track off the side of the road that you have to go a bit up to find the jumps .
i went there the other day and the big jumps are quite close together , the down ramps of one leads streight to the up ramp of another one . there is also gaps between the up and the down ramp so you need a lot of speed.

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