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Mt Keira DH

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By Tripod - Posted on 12 October 2008

Had a awsome day down at the gong today. Hit up the DH tracks at Mt Keira.
First time there and I was very Impressed, about 5 different trails with something for all.

If your looking for a top day out out of Sydney get down there but get in early as its get a lot of riders later in the day.

Cant wait to go back!

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Agreed. I was there a month ago and was similarly impressed. There are plenty of places to seriously hurt yourself there. But what fun!! Laughing out loud Next time you are there, let me know! Smiling

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Please post them to check them out!!

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Sorry no pic's but plenty of great videos in youtube.

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Trail looks awesome! How do you get there? I can see Mt Keira in Google map but where is the beginning of the trail? Do you just walk back to the top? Looks very interesting, I wouldn't mind riding there this weekend!

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Where abouts are the tracks? I'm from Nowra and want to head up for the day one weekend.

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All trails around Mt Keira are illegal. I doubt you will get anyone posting directions to places there. I can send you some details if you email me.

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