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By Bernd - Posted on 18 October 2008

German country side....

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mmm, looks like someone has been sampling some of that good German beer and food whilst they were there or are you carrying your supplies under your jersey now mate? Eye-wink

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... I like and in Germany it is very good!
Pork was on the menue aswell....

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Bernd, I like the colour co-ordinated bike, clothes, helmet, very swish

Bernd's picture

... set for the Fling! all I need is to ride the bike before hand!!!!

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Was just for a pose?

C'mon Bernd, show those locals what the Aussie trails has taught ya!

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Gruezi Bernd

Bisch du scho im Schwabeland? Alles isch guet hier im Lande ganz drunter. Hasch du dier aber ein schoenes neuws Radl angeschafft! Wieviel hat's denn koschtet? Die Chrischtine wird dann aber sehr neidlisch sein...und der Schtuart macht dan auch noch seine Bemerkungen ueber dini heldehafte Figurli! Mir vermisse di scho sehr und die glaube jetzt schon dass da ein deutscher streik isch bei denne Nachtfarten... Und alle wolle jetzet wisse ob du die Kette mitgebracht hasch. Wenn du mir wider schreibsch mach des in badisch dann koenne sie des nit uebersetze...und des macht die dann ganz verugt...

Pfuerti, Hans
"I thought of that while riding my bike."
Albert Einstein, on the theory of relativity

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"Bisch du scho Schwabe in the country? Everything isch guet here in the whole country down there. Hasch you Dier but a nice neuws Radl purchased! How much did it because koschtet? The Chrischtine will be very neidlisch ... and the Schtuart dan makes even his comments about Dini heldehafte Figurli! I miss di very gentle and now believe that because an American strike, every Nachtfarten isch ... And everyone wanted to know whether you jetzet the chain brought HASCH. If you make me resist schreibsch of Badisch then can they do about the nit ... and then makes the whole verugt ...

Pfuerti, Hans"

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... do were die Christina un de Schtuart wirklich neidisch sei!!!
Des Radl isch super elfahalb kilo un em gschenkte gaul guck'd ma ned ins maul!
de deitsche chef hots fa mi gekaft......(E1400... $ 2500) klasse, hey.
bis zur neschte ausfahrt,

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I think for you, you got a really good bike at a very sweet price. I'm pretty happy with my current stable and the specs they have and I think, given the deal you got, you should have up specced a couple of models to get it down to a really sweet weight. Still, a nice bike none the less.


BTW I can't speak for Christine but I don't think she is jealous either, you may have to ask her though.

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