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29 inches of pleasure - my new ride has arrived

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By Morgan - Posted on 19 October 2008

It has been worth waiting for...

My new ride

My new ride, custom built around my beloved Rohloff Speedhub...

My new ride Zinn 2

If you think it all looks like a normal bike, you'd be right...the whole thing is in proportion - the frame is 25", wheels are 29" and those cranks are 210mm long..

No more "why are you riding a BMX mista" for me from you shorties while I'm on the Zinn. See you'ze out on the trails..

From: One Happy Bunny.

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Very nice. I've coveted one ever since I got Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance. Like you I'm on the taller side and 26" wheels just don't quite seem in proportion on the large to extra large frames I need to ride.

Is the rear brake disc bigger than the front or is that an illusion?

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Damn tail BMXer... Sticking out tongue

That bike looks WAY COOL! I think it will suit you to a T!

Interesting.. Pivots ON the bottom bracket so no need for a tensioner. What a great idea! Smiling

Maybe I'll get them to make one for me so I can ride a SS duallie Sticking out tongue hehe jk

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Morgan I bet that rides a lot better for you, have you had it on the dirt yet? Your going to love the 29er wheels as I do but I still race the my Anthem as it's a much lighter bike and I don't think I've ever seen 210mm cranks.
Cool as.

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now we'll never catch you - what's the weight of all that metal compared to the "BMX"

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is it the only 25" FS one you could find in the world? Nice bike Morgan, that will be much better on the GNR techie parts Eye-wink Did you recycle the Reba fork and rohloff from the hardtail?
Also curious to know whether the rear rotor is bigger than the front rotor.

Have fun with it! It's going to be scary seeing such a big bike on the trails Eye-wink

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'bout time Smiling

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That looks like a bike with real wheels! Good time ahead I say. So when do we get to see it in the flesh?

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Morgan, that looks sweet.

You will love the 29er and with Full Sus it should take you everywhere. Well done.

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Very nice Morgan.

Now that is one big bike you have there I think you will love the bigger wheels cant wait for a ride report.

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Yes, the bike came with Avid Code5 brakes and an Avid 8" rotor up front (the rear needs a specific Rohloff rotor & it came with an 8" version which I'll keep on there). However the Hayes Stroker Trails I recently put on my hardtail feel & look better than the Code 5's, so I swapped the brakes over.. I also reckoned it'd be better to switch the Avid / Hayes rotors to keep everything brand specific, but the Hayes one I have is only a 7", hence the discrepancy.

I thought I had some fitting issues aswell when I tried to fit the Hayes brakes to the Avid rotor, but I might be a bit fuzzy on that.

The bike also came with a 680mm Ritchey carbon bar and 130mm stem which I swapped for a wider aluminium bar (not v comfortable with carbon) & 110mm stem and instantly the bike feels way more steerable.

Went for a ride yesterday on local firetrails and am absolutely stoked with my first full suss experience. The usual rocky bits I hit felt flatter (I used the pro-pedal a lot though-not used to bouncing when pedalling). The wheels take a bit of getting used to; whilst I can feel they roll "longer" than 26ers, the 2.1 tyres (Ignitor front, Crossmark rear) look v slim on a 29" wheel and it'll take a couple of sessions to get the same confidence on corners as my 26" versions. The bike was fitted with a 42 tooth cog as opposed to the 40 tooth I have on the hardtail-I'm hoping the wheels will keep the gearing difference minimal, though the quads did burn going uphill. I don't know if that was because of a change in set up, gearing, churning 210mm cranks instead of 185's or just not riding since the Scott. I did find the proportions really good and the long cranks give a more natural feel to spinning the pedals than I've had with the 185's.

I haven't weighed the bike yet but it is a little lighter than the Baum, which is 14.5ish kg's.

Early days yet, but I'm keen to get out a few times to settle the quads down then do some bigger routes to really test out the little beauty.

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gotta love a new bike! Eye-wink

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... love a new bike, well done Morgan, looks realy cool, nice frame and.... YES the Rohloff!!!
My N1 did not come with the Rohloff, but I like it a lot, too....

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Morgan that looks schhweet! Happy trails! Full size logs-- no problemo Eye-wink


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