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Half Link

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By lozza6 - Posted on 27 October 2008

Hi, does anyone know the best place to obtain a 1/8" Half-link connector?

Every bike store I called did not have it.

looks like this:

I need it to help solve this problem.

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Surely, with that Singulator you shouldn't need one? And I'm pretty confused how this would work anyhow! Durh@myself! Sad

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I dunno why but it still skips from time to time..... :|

This half link just connects an inner plate roller to an outer plate. This is opposed to an sram powerlink which connects two rollers together. This results in the chainlength being 1/2" out of any normal chain which can only be connected in divisions of 1"

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cool, but I need a 1/8" sized half chainlink.... Sad

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Thanks to SupaGav who buzzed me and said he had a 1/8" half link sitting around! Smiling

Gave it to me, TOPS! Smiling

Worked an absolute treat!

Check it out!

Half Link
Single Speed Commuter

Clean and Simple!!

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