You are hereShould we make the 'my unseen' or front page refresh automatically?

Should we make the 'my unseen' or front page refresh automatically?

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By Rob - Posted on 06 November 2008

44% (16 votes)
22% (8 votes)
Only the parts that change using AJAX
3% (1 vote)
What are you talking about?!
31% (11 votes)
Total votes: 36
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ha I'm the only one that voted AJAX - suppose no-one else knows what it is Eye-wink


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For those that don't know... we're talking mainly about this page (which cannot be seen unless you are logged in):

Well... we could make the title something like '5 unseen | NoBMoB' when there's something there and the usual, 'Unseen posts | NoBMoB' when not. Handy as you could leave your browser minimised and glance at the taskbar to see if there's anything to read. Well... yes... and if the page refreshed something like every 5, 10 or 15 mins would work a treat.

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That's a type of bathroom cleaner right?

Personally don't see the value add for this site (if you're talking about quick refreshes) and could be potentially confusing for 1 or 2 users...

I do like the browser title feed though, I think that would be more handy and I suppose a longer refresh time wouldn't be too intrusive...

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That way you could have your google home page open on its own

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That wouldn't work because you have to be logged in, and when the Google RSS fetcher thingo came to the site it wouldn't be able to do this.

You could make a feed of all comments and nodes but that would just be silly. Eye-wink

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That's a football team in Holland.

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Yes but..... pronounced differently. Aaahyeeeaaaxx. Funny, it doesn't have nearly enough g's to be a real dutch word! Actually a mythological Greek Hero ( not God) second only to Brad Pitt as a warrior !


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Would it be possible to have an RSS feed for the latest forum talk ( just the topics not every comment) and another for the upcoming rides? That would be really useful to add to a google home page.

I find the 'my unseen' section is a little overwhelming with so much new stuff.


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I think this is for the guys that are obsessed (like me) and just have it open all the time. You can never be overwhelmed when you are reading them as they come through. As junkie put it "You mean there's life beyond the forum?" Smiling

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Here... have a go with some of these and let me know if that's what you wanted:

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Those feeds are exactly want I wanted.


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