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Port Hills, Christchurch, NZ

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By nutty - Posted on 07 November 2008

I have just been to Christchurch, NZ, and there are amazing rides on the Port Hills right close to the city. Easy access, great scenery, mtb parks with dh shuttle bus service if you want.

Have a look:

And a wonderful singlespeed shop if that's your bag - (great bikes but get your coffee at the Lyttelton Coffee Company). Paste the links.

I hired a Cannondale Rize for $NZ75 1 day from Natural High - Andy & Kay and Mechanic Josh were friendly and helpful to the nth. I wish I had ridden the Little River Trail as the trail from Wakefield Park to Godley Head was a bit much for me but I am quite a newby. Yes, I am a bit biased, ChCh is my hometown but compared to the Northern Beaches this place is mtb ultra heaven.

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Sounds like a great place to go Smiling
Will have to go onto the 'to ride list'!

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Hell it is so good to ride somewhere with such a powerful panorama - the Port Hills are part of the rim of an extinct volcano - there is a harbour down in the crater on one side and on the other is a view across the plains to the Southern Alps. This is just fifteen minutes drive from the centre of Christchurch city, and the tracks are across varying pastureland and volcanic rock. The township of Lyttelton down in the harbour has great cafes - especially the Lyttelton Coffee Company - best coffee ever !! At the end of my x/c singletrack ride I returned to my starting point by road - great downhill buzz to Sumner. I started my ride at 6am and climbed up through cloud which went soon after as the sun rose. I got a flight on Emirates for $400 return inc taxes and that is a good deal - usually round $500. You land in Christchurch 3 hours after t/o Sydney. Christchurch city is flat - a real cycle city - bike shops on 'every corner' in the city, more than you can imagine. If anyone is interested in knowing more I would be pleased to give you info.



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