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How do you post photos in the gallery?

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By meatlovers - Posted on 31 July 2006

Anybody know how to post photos in the gallery?

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There was a bit of stuff in the FAQ, but admittedly it wasn't that clear so have added this:

Q: Erm... OK, so how do I do that? (become a content author)

A: Firstly signal your intent to publish some stuff. This is done on your profile. Go there, under the 'Edit' and 'Content' sub-tab you'll find a little box to check if you want to become a content author. In a short time (usually less than an hour) you'll be granted rights to post pictures in the galleries and ramble on to your heart's content Smiling

Q: So I'm a content author, but I still don't get it. Help!

A: Ooops, sorry, not the most intuitive thing, eh? On the left you should see a little box with your username atop and a 'create content' link. This may or may not be expanded, but when it is there should be options to add various stuff (forum topic, image (pictures), etc.) - is this helping?

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