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By scottyB - Posted on 13 November 2008

Hey guys what about the off road version???

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Dude... you're on thin ice bringing that up here... MX bikes are evil!

Now as an MTB rider you wouldn't use it in National Park or rip up trails elsewhere would you? But there are plenty riders who would is the thing! Sad

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... the awnser is NO, we go to: and ride there!!

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Absolutely not! I love my motor bike but I was a Mountain biker first and that is where my Allegiance lies! I only ever ride in state forest or private property on established trail bike tracks. Ourimbah is my local trail and I HATE seeing motorcycle tracks though there! But you are right there are plenty of riders that do no respect the law and ride places where they shouldn't. It gives all trail bike riders a bad name.
Also this is no MX bike! Its a registered trail bike.

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Ahhh... you're good boys aren't you? Smiling

If only they were all like this Sad

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