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This weekend 5-6 - damp but there is always someplace rideable??

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By craigs - Posted on 04 August 2006

Ok there has been a little rain this week but there is always someplace to ride that not too badly effected.
Terrey Hills last weekend was ok except for the start out behind the fire station however on the return we exited out to the road a little earlier.
So Terrey Hills may be the best option if the rain isnt too bad. Bernd it keen for Sunday.
Any takers Sat and or Sun??
0439495585 (new)

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Not riding this weekend as have had the flu all week but Yellowmundee might be another option. I think it would be alot drier than anything on the coast.

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Hi Yes I'm keen for Sunday 8-30 Start.
Terry Hills or like Stuart recomends Yellowmundee!?!?!
Let me know where you like to ride, if rain heavy cancel by sms 0412001180.

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So, is it on and is it Terrey Hills?


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Yes, Sunday 8-30 Terrey Hills,
seeya there or if rain to heavy sms 0412 001180.

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At this stage I'll be there too!


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at this stage, Justin and I will be there too...


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I will text if I am coming- car troubles...two cars and neither of them are going anywhere!! It's enough to make us doubt the good old Holden!

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I can pick you up on the way through if you want!
Call me around 8:00am if your up.

Greg 0431 703 266

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Sorry Christine - couldn't resist - you're going bike riding and the car is broken Smiling

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I only just saw your replies and thank you very much for the offer Greg!
However, I went to Red Hill in the afternoon - and yes, Justin, there have been numerous comments regarding the bike and my riding to work... I don't think so!!!


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