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moonlight ride anyone?

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By christine - Posted on 07 August 2006

Wednesday night is a full moon and I didn't know if anyone would be interested in riding the perimeter by moonlight? We used to do it with the horses and it's magic - the moon is brighter in winter for some don't have to go out late - about six or seven for an hour...I can borrow a car for that one!!!


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Won't the Werewolfs be out?

I assume we would still be using lights?

Not that I'm scared or anything!

Greg (Pikey)

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Hmm I was wondering where to go for a Howling given the Dam is still closed. The full moon is on Wednesay night - no lights needed

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What if it's cloudy?

I have to warn you, I haven't shaved for some time Eye-wink

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Ok then – providing you all remain in human form what time suits you all?
And where do you want to meet?

MEE Smiling

Ps no lights – you have the is so bright you can see shadows
the weather is forecast to be clear

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Erm... even though there's an almost full moon directly overhead right now things are looking a bit dark. Does this mean it be like this tomorrow (I have no idea - durh!??)?

I'm liking the idea, it's almost crazy enough to try, so as long as it's not too mad a dash from the office think I'm in (so long as it's nice and clear and all of course). Will bring a couple of puny lights as backup but even so, think this is going to be 'interesting' Eye-wink

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Christine you may not need lights on the trail but you will need the lights on the Holden to be working so you can drive home safely. Is the beast up and running or is it only just Holden together? ....Sorry but that ones been waiting to be said.

Sorry all, would love to be joining you, I've been told I do my best work at night, but sadly am baching at the moment with the 3 ruggies so alas, no parole this week. Have fun, and can we organise it again next month?


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Scary as this all seams, Im up for it.

I've ridden the cascades twice under lights with all bits intact.

How about we meet at the end of Wyatt Ave at 6.30 or 7.00pm (next to the entrace to the power grid depot)is that too late/early?

0431 703 266

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I would love to ride along, but I will have a look at the Rock
tomorrow night, as I will be in the NT for work!
What a shame I miss this...

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Cascades, Que?

Dude, the pull of the moon has already started to addle your noggin.

Perimeter Track is at Terrey Hills, I assumed the shops would be the meet? Either there, or at the other end (by the small carpark on Cullamine Road).

P.S. Can't make it for 6, so 7 is my pref.

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Terry hills shops it is then, 7:00pm, ok with you christine?


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7 at the shops is good by me - sadly i will be borrowing the Ford (shhh!) but expect the holden back on her wheels and growling by Friday...fingers crossed!
I became obessed with moonlight when walking the dogs last night and hoped you would all say 7!!


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where did these clouds come from?

if it stays like this are we still on for 7.00 tonight? and/or bring the lights along.


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I was thinking that too (whilst on the way to/from the pub where I ate lunch and watched mad Downhill action on Fuel TV... but that's for another post)...

I know you have your Mega-Beam 3000Z lights, but mine are puny as described, so for me clouds == dark == not good == cancel. Sad

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i have been obsessing about the clouds too... it won't be any fun if it's cloudy
BUT there is sunlight here now...I am in St Ives...


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I'm sitting in my living room, all alone, kids asleep, bags ready for school tomorrow, wife in Brissy on work, (strange how she's always away when Bernd is, hmm?!) crap on the idiot box and I look outside at what must be one of the brightest, clearest moons in some time, thinking I should be out there.

Some one tell me what a bad idea tonights "no light" moonlit ride was. Tell me the clouds rolled in about a k from the lookout. Tell me it started raining when you got to the lookout. Tell me they graded the trail, again, churning the entire length into a boggy mess. Just tell me anything to ease my pain Sad

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Well, I was walking home up Pacific H/W and looking out West at the huge bank of cloud rolling in (that we had seen coming on the Australia Satellite images) when Christine sent word she also though it was too cloudy out TH way and probably best to stay home.

What with us being wussies that was all it took, but Greg was undeterred and last I heard he was heading out with his Mega-Beam to stun all the wildlife.

Damn, because around 8:45 I must admit, things were looking pretty bright out there!

So come on Greg - did you go au-natural and give the Mega-Beam a rest?

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To ease my disappointment at having the official "moonlight ride" cancelled. I decided to go it alone (again) through the Cascades.

The clouds cleared by the time I got to the half way mark so I decided to stop, shut down my 50 watt mega beam, let my eyes adjust, and find out just how much light the sun can throw, via that round moony thing, onto the trail. Sweet bugger all was my conclusion. To be fair an open trail with neatly cut grass either side probably would be safe to ride but a fire trail weaving through heavy forest was way to dark and dangerous for my liking, so back on went the mega beam 50.

Whilst out there I found myself approaching another light, after dismissing that is wasn’t the missing werewolf with a dolphin torch, or an alien UFO, I was relieved to bump into a fellow lone rider. He was practicing for an upcoming 24hr event. We compared beams but his tiny 20-watter was no match for my mega beam 50. He tried to talk up his little beam with the old "but I’ve got a smaller battery than you" ploy. It didn’t fool me, as I know the health benefits of lugging around a 2kg lead acid battery half the size of a shoebox.

So my conclusion is another big thumbs up for night riding but make sure you bring along a Thomas Edison approved illumination devise, don’t trust Mother Nature to get you home safely.

However though, next full moon, Christine, I’m prepared to give it another go, but I will be packing the mega beam 50 as backup. I have to go now for a full back sack and crack wax job as I have no idea were all this hair came from AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRROOOOOwwwwww!!!

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I looked out at about 8.45 and was so disappointed to see a clear sky (selfish i know!) but at 5am I was so bright that it woke me up...I toyed with the idea of a ride by myself but I am simply not brave enough!
September 7 is the next full moon...

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That's gotta be the funniest i've ever read!

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