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"Swing Out" Bike Rack Project

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By Dibbler - Posted on 16 November 2008

I have owned a goose neck bike rack forever and always been frustrated when the bikes are fitted and I want to open the tailgate. It is very difficult to fold down the rack once loaded. After a long time in the planning, dusted off the arc welder and created a swing adapter. Thought it worth sharing and may even inspire some new creations based on this design. Don’t believe there is a commercial version available for this particular tow bar and rack combination. The rack is locked in position with a butterfly style bolt which can be removed to swing out the rack without the use of any tools. Adapted some plastic tubing to support the bike which does not have a straight cross tube.

Would be far easier just to change the rack for something that better fits my requirements, but that is defeatist. Stuart.

Bike Rack for more pictures

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Dibbler, nice solution. I suppose you are trying to inspire me to finish (start) some of my gunna projects.

look forward to seeing it in the flesh this week.

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Very nice Thule rack.

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