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Northern Beaches Epic

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By pikey - Posted on 09 August 2006

Has anybody else noticed this 5hr: 45min journey around our favourite local trails?

Is was posted a while back by our comrades at Manly Warringah MTB.

This would be a good training ride leading up to the Highland Fling.

Anybody keen to give it a go as the fling date gets closer?


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Hey Greg,
Been wondering when you would get back onto the epic thing...I am absolutely keen for it. And really need to get into the fling training or I aint gonna enter the 100...
Working on some lighting too..

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I put a post up on the lighting thread the other day, don't know if you saw it or not because it is an old thread. Torpedo7 have some lights going cheap, well compared to the shops that is, including a range of nightpro stuff. Maybe worth a look if you're not after the ilumination a 50w mega beam will give

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