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Vanina taking it easy???

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By Supagav - Posted on 24 November 2008

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Hi Vanina,
I'm really sorry about a stupid passing manouver on what would have been the last lap,
I thought there was plenty of room around that corner and i was flying along and didn't really see you until it was way to late,

I understand how you would have felt as I've been in that very same position before,

please accept my whole hearted apology.


blue singlet

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On her way to Solo second place... nice work! Smiling

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Fantastic! especially considering it looks like she's asleep at the handlebar here Sticking out tongue hahaha

Great work! Laughing out loud

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V - 2nd that's awesome.

Note to self "Don't try and keep pace with Vanina"

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Thanks to everyone from NOBMOB it is so great to have people around to tell you to keep going when you are tired! if Gav did not push me I would have not done my last lap the "fluffy" one!

Jason it is ok though I was supa tired and some people make me fall because they tried to pass me on skinny sections ...I fell 8 times over the last 4 laps so I was a bit grumpy ...I have bruises and my head was just gone on holiday somewhere else.
I really need to learn how to train the mental thoughness ....??? advise....???

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The mental game is the worst game to play, It is so easy to talk yourself into stopping,
especially after a few falls etc,
I find in the later stages of a race a bit of ginseng / gurana tablet works wonders to keep you focused, stops you from going on holiday
Also RedBull on the last lap.

Also have to remind yourself of what / where the fun parts of the course are and how you only have to do that hard climb one last time to get to the fun sections.

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You went out very fast, probably too fast.

Lap Time
12 53:55
11 54:16
10 49:54
9 46:07
8 46:06
7 43:54
6 42:58
5 44:38
4 41:07
3 38:33
2 37:39
1 38:37

If you look at the experienced solo guys & gals their lap times will be fairly consistant (with in 10%) throughout the day.

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I knew that I was going too fast but the funny thing is that I felt ok until I stopped at the end of the 4th lap to grab some food and drink and then Katrin passed me ...
I guess I did not understand what my body was trying to tell me...It was my fist solo my first long race so I guess I am learning and now I know ... Smiling) thanks from the baby Enduro-rider

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w't.f? If that was your first then watch out katrin! A little bit of experience in these things and you'll be killing them! Better get your autograph now and beat the crowds!

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