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Jetblack twenty four hours Sydney

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By trailburner - Posted on 28 November 2008

Saturday, 14 February, 2009 - 12:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

24 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Meeting Point: 

Del Rio Resort, Wiseman's Ferry

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

Do you yearn for a long, challenging race? Do you long for a new track somewhere near you? Do you wish you'd get a new, absolutely wicked racing jersey for Christmas this year? Don't you worry – we'll have it all covered:

REGISTRATION is OPEN for our twenty four hours Sydney Race
14 & 15 February 2009
Del Rio Riverside Resort, Wiseman's Ferry

Special 10% discount for NoBMoB readers on the entry fee - visit the members private forum for the code.

New track, new location and the coolest racing jersey ever!

Everyone who has participated in a 24-hour race before -whether as a Solo Rider or in a Team, will know how challenging it can be to continue to ride those laps day in – and out. And you will also know how rewarding that hot shower after a night lap or that cold beer after your last one will be. The proud faces of your mates. And the best moment of all - sun rises after a long night of riding and drives away the dark... you're out on the track, with head or handle bar lights and then you notice the first rays of sun and start to feel the warmth on your skin... if you have not ridden a 24-hour race before, you're in for a treat. We promise!

And some more reasons to register before Christmas - 25th December! You get:

A FREE Event T-Shirt – cool design, comfortable to wear – makes a great team outfit!
10% off the racing fee by entering the following discount code in the nominated field during the online registration process: NOBMOB10P
The opportunity to order the limited edition, custom-designed twenty four hours Sydney Racing Jersey for only $65. Made by Champion Systems they are high quality, durable and come with a front full zipper and 3 back pockets.

Registration and more info on

See you there,
Juliane + Martin

Who's in?
Rob, Whisperer, dreggsy, Bruce, ar_junkie, Steve 01, Carlgroover, Damien, mtbasn.alex, Greg P, Critty, BT, trailburner, bluray, Scott, Bikeboy (16 riders)
Rob Whisperer dreggsy Bruce ar_junkie Steve 01 Carlgroover Damien mtbasn.alex Greg P Critty BT trailburner bluray Scott Bikeboy
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Laps Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
BT Was wet but worth it! Finished 26 24:07:10 Sixes/Male 4
LadyToast 24 hours of wet hellish fun Finished 26 24:22:59 Sixes/Male 5
Damien Fudding Mud Fun Finished 26 24:22:59 Sixes/Male 5
Critty I'll be back .. with brake pads and a bike manual Finished 26 24:22:59 Sixes/Male 5
Rob Mud is Gud! Finished 25 24:30:37 Sixes/Mixed 3
christine 24hr Great Time! Finished 25 24:30:37 Sixes/Mixed 3
Whisperer It was wet, REALLY wet, but we loved it Finished 25 24:30:37 Sixes/Mixed 3
bluray welcome to 24 hour mtb racing Finished 25 24:40:57 Fours/Male 5
Carlgroover Team Groover Finished 23 24:20:17 3 Solo/Male/40s 1

Were you there and have a story to tell?

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Paul's picture

I'm very, very very doubtful for the Mont24 because one of my mates turns 40 on 4/4/09 and he would rather be sucking on beers at home than sucking on dust in Canberra so my interest has been aroused with this ride.

Happy to go with a team (not too serious) if the opportunity arises.

My only concern is Wiseman's Ferry in February will be hotter than hell.

Bernd's picture

.. but after sucking dust you could even suck more, yes more Bier!!!!

Bikeboy's picture

Hell , i dont know any of you guys yet but i wouldnt mind having a go at the Sydney 24 as well as the mont in a team

Rob's picture

I thought heat would be an issue, but this Del Rio place is right next to the water and the riders will have it to themselves. What this means is that day or night, finish a lap and duck in the river to cool down! How nice does that sound? Laughing out loud

Although, can anyone say, 'cramps'? Eye-wink

LadyToast's picture

As I can't do the MONT I might be up for this.. Rob if you get a team together I might be able to make this one.

GAZZA's picture

why not? just for the laugh(mind you, i wont be laughing after about half way) if i feel tired ill just go to bed. Smiling

Damien's picture

I am intrested in this one as the Mont is not good for me with the solo nationals a week later.

So I would be intrested in a 6 person team I will ride as hard as ever but not really concerned if the team is mainly out to have fun and cruise.

Damien's picture

Team of six coming together so will be in this one.

lozza6's picture

This comment has been moved here.

Damien's picture

Team Toasted has formed so are there any other teams on Nobmob out there to challenge us or are you all soft and untoasted come on its your home town 24hr.

Stuart M's picture

rumour that there will be another team to keep you company, and that one of the members of this team is often topped with icing and sugary candy pieces.

Maybe they will be called Team Fairy Bread

ar_junkie's picture

Hot Buttered...

*Disclaimer - one team member's antics of being covered in confectionery does not represent the rest of team's behaviour, on or off the bike.

Bruce's picture

I think any team would be happy with that name Stuart. Nice work Smiling

Carlgroover's picture

Don't say that now, you need to be positive and a name that won't let you stop. Ok I'll let you call yourself Unstoppable2 free of charge.

Paul's picture

Gazza - brave move and well done. I'm trying to organise the usual guys for a fun filled bike riding weekend with beer drinking and hi-jinx thrown in.

Make sure you camp well away from us - we don't want kranky sleep deprived POM with a red raw bike interface spoiling our fun.

ar_junkie's picture
...we don't want kranky sleep deprived POM...

You may have to be more specific as I'm sure there will be more than 1 of those around...

Whisperer's picture

This comment has been moved here.

christine's picture

that was uncalled for - i am only a SHREW for a short period of time when first woken up...OH! unless you were referring to Rob at the Mont last year... hee hee

ar_junkie's picture

I was referring to Poms under general... it being a 24hr, I'm sure there will be "kranky sleep deprived" ppl from many different nationalities stumbling/grumbling around!

trailburner's picture

Jetblack has been confirmed as naming rights sponsor so you can expect a truckload of Jetblack, Niterider and Weldtite goodies.

Verofit has a special offer for all registered riders. Gels, energy and recovery drinks for $35

SRAM is giving away a free Powerlink to every competitor.

Will keep you up to date - let me know if you have any questions.

trailburner's picture

Featuring Juliane, Rob and Bruce:

ar_junkie's picture

Will be a great way to spend the weekend!

LadyToast's picture

Looks cool, great touch building the pump track into it.

That hill in img_5764.jpg looks pretty nasty Eye-wink Do you know what the overall ascent is?

trailburner's picture

we call it "an honest climb" Smiling
148m is the total ascent as well as descent! according to my Garmin and almost all of it is at that one hill.

Buck's picture
Carlgroover's picture

Of me getting my Jetblack sponsorship is I offered to do the Jetblack 24hr solo, which I'm real happy about, but have to let team Toasted down that I was to ride with in this race. I've been chatting with Damien about this the last few days and he has a replacement for me so sorry team, but all will be good.
A 24 solo with 2 weeks notice could be fun, lucky I'm already in training for the 24 solo champs.

Rob's picture

You offered to do it solo?!?! Are you m-e-n-t-a-l?!

It's just... the heat... and that hill... But we know you can do it so make 'em proud!


Bikeboy's picture

I dont think you would be letting the side down as thats awesome news and i dare say a few jealous mobbers out there ! Well done mate ! Although team Toasted will not be the same ......( little less pressure on me now ..... depending on who your replacement is

Carlgroover's picture

I wish the hill was worse, 148m is a snack. I'm also hoping for a very hot day as that should kill off the competition in solo and well, leave me at 1st.

Andy Bloot's picture

You're idea of fun and mine are a little different
You're a classic mate
Good luck
Look forward to seeing the pics of you on the podium
Might have to get you a one off nobmob headscarf

Carlgroover's picture

I think they are getting Lance to fill in while he's over here.

Whisperer's picture

Mate, you so deserve sponsorship and recognition for the results you've been pulling off in solo.
Well done!
I'll check in with you at 23:00 hours to see if you're still happy with the hill Smiling

LadyToast's picture

Sad to see you go John, but understand and support you all the way now you've gone all pro on our arses Smiling

We won't forget what could have been...

p.s. it's not the mantoast curse is it? Smiling

Carlgroover's picture

I so wanted to do our team of 6 race for the complete contrast to solo, and the fact that 24 hour races have the best atmosphere of any race the team of 6 would really allow you to soak it up. If I could only clone myself!

LadyToast's picture

Hi chaps

As you can see Toasted is down a member due to the man above getting all serious and pro and leaving us in the lerch (only joking John). Toasted seeks someone that is up for giving this event a decent go, and can knock out nice fast laps.. perhaps you are that person.

Either reply to this thread or PM me.


Carlgroover's picture

I'm going to Del rio on Friday and wondered if any others were heading there on Friday. I also wanted to know if there is a spot where NoBMoB will be set up? I'm in a tent and can take the tarp if we'll use it. What cabin nos. are booked by the MoB and who's camping?

Damien's picture

I am heading up very early on Saturday so will hopefully be some room for my tent not sure about the rest of the team I think Wayne (bikeboy) is heading up on Friday so maybe contact him.

Bikeboy's picture

For this little black duck , and work out where to set up when i get there i suppose .
I do have a bit of gear to get but almost ready to roll

LadyToast's picture

Hi John, if you do take your tarp can we dibs a place under it? It's looking like it might be quite a wet race:

We would gladly help put it up if we get there in time. Critty and myself will be coming up Saturday morning, probably aim to get there around 10.

Alex, are you still taking your wind trainer? I can bring my second bike for it.

This will be an interesting race for me, my front fork is stuck on 140mm travel, with no time to get it fixed Sad I might be using the second bike for laps!

Carlgroover's picture

Sure Dylan, I think we can fit all of Toasted under the tarp, it would be good for me as it may speed up my pitstops if someone is there to help my wife. I'm hoping to find a spot near the cabins and the track but I've never been there so happy to receive some advice? Whisperer, maybe you should bring your tarp also and I'll bring my spare poles, ropes and pegs.
Unstoppable Smiling

Supagav's picture

V and I just wanted to say good luck to all of those who are going to do the 24hr this weekend. Hope the hill climb is not going to be too harsh on your legs...
We are wishing we were here for it but family duties are calling instead.

GAZZA's picture

and those with sidi shoes. Put your spikes in. You're gonna need them. Enjoy the mud bath! Eye-wink

Whisperer's picture

Our team is in a cabin (lucky us!!), but I'm taking my tarp, poles and ropes. (6x5m, makes a good space!)
We will be there Friday afternoon ~5pm in room F2 (or F3 can't remember for sure).
I've offered the use of it to Dylan & team Toasted, so whoever is there from that team on Friday can come on round and get it, and set it up next to Carl Groover's tarp for a nice big area.
If we are not in the room, it will be on the verandah.
PM me if you want to make a time, or special arrangements.

Paul's picture

Congrats everyone especially Lord John - the man is a machine.

I spent the whole weekend looking at the radar and wishing I was riding and never even got my tyres wet and you guys had all that fun in the mud - I'm jealous, but only of Blondie locks and the 5 Nobs, camping like Team Toasted would have sucked big time in all that rain.

Did I read correctly that they stopped racing when it went dark to resume again next morning. Whale Oil Beef Hooked, I think they have stolen a page from Team Hairies philosopy on racing = If God had meant us to ride through the night he wouldn't have invented beer, a warm bed and good friends for company.

Now you have tried it, this not having to wake up in the middle of a cold night to don wet clothes/gloves/helmet/shoes is sure to catch on bigtime.

Well done to all

trailburner's picture

Hi guys,

What a weekend - what a race! Congratulations to all of you who stood up to the conditions and had a blast out there. Results of your efforts are up on

While it was a bit disappointing to pause the race we felt that in retrospect it was the right decision and appreciate your understanding. To make the decision wasn't easy but after looking at the forecast for the night (even heavier rain than during the day), drastically falling lap times across the board and reports from marshals and racers we just didn't want to risk someone getting injured. Luckily we could restart the race again a 7.30 am on Sunday.

We still ended up with well over 14 hours of racing and were quite happy that the trail could handle 1317 laps in total without falling apart. This was partly because of an incredible build crew in the lead up as well as Steve and Garrett repairing bits and pieces and building a whole new section of the trail to get around the swamp - all this while the race was in progress!

Our volunteers from ClubMud did a great job with registration, timing and marshaling the course on their bikes. You know you have good friends if you can wake them up and ask them at 6am in the morning in the rain to go out on a lap in the mud to see if the track is still there (thanks Miguel ).

My personal hero of the race is the guy I spoke to while inspecting the gully at fading light to get an idea myself of the situation there. After asking how he was doing he told me that he enjoyed not only his first time at a race but also on a mountain bike, which had a sticker on it that said "do not take this bike off-road". Unfortunately I didn't see your face or race number in the dark but if you read this let me know who you are.

We will be in touch with photos taken by the guys from Race-Photos and a video.

You guys are an inspiration to us as mountain bikers and event organisers and we are now even more determined to put on another twenty four hours Sydney race! When… well, we won’t rely on the weather forecast, that’s for sure.

Carlgroover's picture

I can't find the link, can anyone else?

ar_junkie's picture then there is a "View Race Results" link under the blurb on the front page...

Hans's picture

Congrats to the team...!

Did you see this on the way home? Eye-wink

Church Sign...

RaceLeader's picture

And don't forget the video!


ar_junkie's picture

Such fond memories...

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