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What to do in Melbourne?

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By Buck - Posted on 29 November 2008

I will be heading down to Melbourne for a week before coming back via Thredbo this Christmas.

Where will it be worth checking out? At the moment I will definitely be taking the VP Free but if there is good XC then I may take the Trance down too.

Any ideas will be much appreciated Smiling

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Hey Buck,
I think the Trance is a goer, I'd ride in this order

1, Yarra Trail, one needs to know the way off main trail, then all the way to Westerfolds park (do a Hot lap & register at Top Gear Cycles)

2, Lysterfield Park (Commonwealth Games Competition Trail)

3, You Yangs, contact Geelong Mountain Bike Club checkout websites

4, Otway Ranges, google Checkout links

5, Have a break, head to the great Ocean Road checkout some of our Surf Beaches, The Twelve Apostles Etc

6, On your way North there's Mt Buller, they have spent millions tryng to out do Thredbo, even going to see how Whistler do it.

When are you heading down south?


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Hey Sam

I will be down in Melbourne from Dec 20-26 before going to Thredbo. I'll have a search for the trails you listed and see what I can find. If I can't find it I know who to ask Smiling
I can't spend all week riding so I'll try to get to one or two at the top of the list.

I also have read that Mt Buller is meant to be awesome. I think I'll have to go to Thredbo this year though. Maybe next year Laughing out loud

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Mt Buller Festival on 21th March 09, they plan on having 2 days of races (XC & DH), party saturday night.

The pick would be the You Yangs, if you are there on a Sunday morning a blast along the Yarra to Westerfold Park with boys if I'm in Melb.

I'm a maybe for Wednesday night so I can fill you in.

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