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Port Stephens Rides

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By pieboy98 - Posted on 03 December 2008

GDay Crew

Does any one know of any Mtn bike trails near Port Stephens / Nelson Bay Area??
Even if it's fire trail anything to get some hours up?? Or should i just take the roadie :-|


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I'd have a look on Google Maps & Satellite and see what you can see. I often think there should be good (well, firetrail at least) riding in Tomaree NP and also to the South of Nelson Bay road. Sadly can't say have had a chance to try this spot myself Sad

If you're going round the north side of the bay this was discussed here:

Good luck Smiling

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I would love to know the answer to this one. I have been up there a few time on Holidays could only find sandy fire trail. (not much fun, just alot of hard work) I still hold out hope, I am sure it is me not knowing where to look for the good stuff.

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Just got back from a long wkend in Port Stephens

I did some exploring up there
The best bet is visit the Shoal Bay bike shop
they have bike for hire, mtn bikes and even tandems
And they have photocopied maps of Port Stephens,
road, cycleways and off trail, You can easily do 20-30k's around the bays
But Most of the trails are extremely sandy, thinking riding on the beach,
The best of the trails was a gravel road which started at the end of Gowrie Rd
Follow down the Anna Bay Boreline to a 't' intersection
For a sharp climb head right up to Glovers Hill, there's some water tanks at the top
off the back theres a sandy single track which comes out near the back of the golf club
The Shoal bay Boreline is off to the left, explored all trails off this
some end up in swamp, others too sandy to ride, so best out and back
Striaght on is the Anna Bay Boreline, a gravel road all the way thorough to anna bay itself
I rode back on Gan Gan rd but maybe try the Gan Gan powerline tri road as a loop

there's prob a lot more trails worth exploring

hope this helps

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