You are hereWhat time/s do we want to ride before our NoBMoB Xmas BBQ Lunch

What time/s do we want to ride before our NoBMoB Xmas BBQ Lunch

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By pikey - Posted on 14 December 2008

9:30 lap, back before 10:30 ready for a second lap
55% (16 votes)
10:30 lap either already have done the 9:30 lap or just keen to get one in before lunch
24% (7 votes)
No laps, just planing on turning up for the BBQ.
3% (1 vote)
I'm a NoBMoB member that sadly can't make this years annual NoBMoB BBQ
17% (5 votes)
Total votes: 29
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are you going to post a ride or was this just a curiosity exercise? I see Damien has asked about times for laps on Sunday under the bbq thread...

MEEE Smiling

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... to be there at 8am and do 2 laps and then put some schwein and eggs on the BBQ!!!!

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Two laps would be good.

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seeya at 8am Sunday!!

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Christine, I was just curious, you know me Smiling

I’m still working out how I can do a lap in the morning then duck home to pick up my kids and come back for the BBQ. Maybe I could duct tape them to a tree before my lap then cut them free when I get back??


The Liver is Evil and must be punished Sticking out tongue

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Pikey, here's a plan.

Give the kids a map and tell them to walk to Manly Dam, that way they will get there about the time you finish your laps.
The bonus is they will be buggered and probably just curl up in a corner and sleep so you can enjoy yourself.

A winner on many levels;
Dad gets to ride - tick
Kids get exercise - tick
Dad gets to enjoy BBQ without kids annoying him - tick
Mum has time away from Dad and kids - tick
Mum thinks Dad and Kids are having quality time together - tick
Dad gets browny points for giving Mum free time - tick

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