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Ever had

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By Flynny - Posted on 16 December 2008

... one of those days when you just feel off your game and are just not riding as well as you know you can?

We headed out for our usual Tuesday night ride, only two of us and Austo had to head of early so we decided on a fast and furious lap up Hassans and down the old DH track.

Got to the top OK, puffing and panting but feeling pretty good. Set the helmet cam and set off after Austo. Was struggling a bit to stay on line, bounced my battery out of it's holder, stopped to refit it and then caught back up, Austo had stopped to wait for me.

Now I normally keep up with Mick on the DH type trail pretty easily but I was struggling to keep him in sight.

Maybe it was just I'd done the trail a couple of times on the weekend on a DH bike and I was struggling to adjust back to the shorter travel...

Wasn't 'til I got home and stood up to crank up my driveway that I realised the fork and shock were locked out...

I normally don't touch the lock out but because of the shorter ride I thought I'd try and give it my all up hamstring hill. Must have bobbed a bit and locked things out...

Oh the joys

Bounced the cam around a bit to by the looks

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Cacks mate. Done that more than once too. Pity these things don't have what cars do, like a door or seatbelt light telling you that your bike's travel is off. Smiling We ride and we learn.

Lucky you didn't do that down Paul's track on Saturday. That could have been nasty. Especially that first 5 foot drop. Laughing out loud

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I am not the only one doing that!
Had the same at Menai before and was wondering why it felt like riding on egg shells?? Very funny! And quite amazing what it possible to ride with locked out forks PuzzledSmiling

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