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In the Big Dog!

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By AndrewClark - Posted on 20 December 2008

30 Dec 09

When your middle chain ring breaks, what other option does one have but to sit in the big dog for the whole lap. (Except heart break hill where I had to sit in the Granny ring)

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Aiming for 45 minutes within the next week

I'd love to crack 40 before I leave for Vancouver, Canada (1.5 hours from Whistler)for 12 months on Jan 6, 2009
Although i'll probably have to settle for a 43ish. Regardless, still a great improvement over the 1:05:00+ times i was doing a month and a half ago!!!

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good work aussie! i started out doing an hour long lap about 9 months ago. and today i came in at 31.39!

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Did a 44 today

Also, cheers for the support... its good when the time comes flying off

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Did you edit this post? You're not meant to do that. Create a new one and then you have a record. Eg. here are mine:

You can see I've been knocking about a minute a year off my Dam lap time Eye-wink

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