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Missing the BBQ ;-( Crossing the Mekong in Laos

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By Hans - Posted on 21 December 2008

G'day Nobmob guys and gals!

Sorry for missing the BBQ - Benji and I will be there in spirit Eye-wink

Yesterday we did some more MTB'ing on our Vietnam -> Laos -> Cambodia family trip.

We stayed in the ancient Royal Capital of Laos (Luang Prabang) and crossed the mighty Mekong with a longtail boat...bikes and all...

Some more (dusty & hilly) cycling in the hinterland brought us to some remote hilltribe villages and challenging river crossings.

We would have been terribly lost if not for our local guide Chao which showed us the way.

Here are some pics:

With my son Benji (11) after crossing the Mekong, royal pagoda on the hill.
Mtb in Laos - on the Mekong - ancient Luang Prabang Pagoda on the hill

Misty Morning start: Our trusty guide Chao guiding the long tail into the rapids...
Mtb'ing in Northern Laos - crossing the Mekong river on a long tail boat

Loading the rental Trek hardtails - actually not a bad steed!
Laos - Loading the bikes into the longtail

Why does the longtail ferryman look so worried?
Mtb'ing in Northern Laos - crossing the Mekong river on a long tail boat

Laos hilltribe (Khamu) village in limestone country
MTB'ing in Northern Laos - up high in hill tribe country

Lunch stop in hill tribe village - Benji sampling buffalo meat.
MTB'ing in Northern Laos- Benji sampling the local Buffalo meat in the hill tribe village.

River crossing - will the local "public bus" (truck) make it?
MTB'ing in Northern Laos - will he make it?

More here:

Have a cold one for us, too! Merry Xmas!

Rgds, Hans & Family
May all your lines be the right ones...

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.. u r a Champion!!!!
gr8t pic, Thanks a lot, we love them!
BBQ was nice, lots of NobMobber's and we did some laps before, MD was gr8t.
Thanks everyone for a nice morning,
Happy X Masssssss and seeya around.

pikey's picture McDonalds or toll ways... Where is this mystical place?


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