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Eyes on

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By Buck - Posted on 29 December 2008

A few riders near the top of the Cannonball. Taken from the chairlift.

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That is me in the white top riding! My first experience of downhill hence the rest of the guys waiting!

I thought I saw you on the chairlift at some point, you were with a girl (not riding) and you wouldn't have recognised me with full face helmet etc!

A small world! Smiling

Buck's picture

Good memory. Yes I was with Paige the 2nd day I was there. My knee was playing up on me after my previous week's stack so I decided to only ride the one day. Second day we were just riding the chairlifts and doing some bushwalks while taking photos Smiling

Bernd's picture

... there on Sunday!!!!!

Stuart M's picture

seeing that ride post Eye-wink

Let there be light

Bernd's picture

post a ride?

lozza6's picture

Laughing out loud

Bernd's picture

both! the F A T and the NORCO!!!!

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