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Snakes are waking up

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By Justin - Posted on 20 August 2006

Ran over a red-belly black snake this morning at cascades - I saw it going for me - You're lucky I'm still here to post this!

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OK mate, where abouts was it, on the fire trail or on a section of single track somewhere?

If you ask me, just another good reason to stay away from the hills that are the Cascades.

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You’re in luck. To my knowledge you don’t die from these snakes, just get sick. You’re most lucky that the National Parks and Wildlife don’t fine you for dangering our precious fauna! You mean horrible person Eye-wink

For more local info goto:


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Yeah venomous and potentially dangerous lot more than potentially nearly ripped my leg off

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If I spell you're name wrong again I send you a case of Beer, Sorry Mate.

What do you mean? did it wrap around your leg?

I admit I too would then need fresh undies.


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We saw a Python basking on Heath Track this morning. Cool Smiling

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Thats another good reason to stay away from the hills at Cascades if you ask me.

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at lunch time today i nearly ran over the same snake/python in the picture Rob took on the same bit of track! stopped within a foot of it

me no like snake/python - what ever they are!

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Its rubber and you can just make out the fishing line that dragged it across the track. What's next The Garigal Yeti?

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